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1. A vendor has just delivered materials to you. The materials were received directly into Blocked Stock. As a result, SAP performed which of the following? (one correct answer)
a. Material management document
b. Financial document
c. Inventory account is debited
d. Transfer requirement if WM is activated
Answer: A
2. Your project team is involved in implementing the MM module for procurement. You need to explain the organization levels relevant to procurement. Which of the following will you describe to your team? (4 correct answers)
a. Client
b. Plant
c. Purchasing organization
d. Shipping point
e. Warehouse
f. Purchasing group
Answer: A,B,C,F
3. A colleague is asking a question about purchase organizations and purchase groups. While explaining purchase organizations to him/her, you include which of the following? (2 correct answers)
a. A group of employees who process purchasing for a group of materials
b. The unit legally responsible for purchasing contracts
c. Negotiates prices and conditions with vendors
d. The location where materials are stored
Answer: B,C
4. Your company has agreed to purchase materials from a new supplier. Master data must be created for this supplier. While creating this master data, you can create which of the following? (2 correct answers)
a. General data which has data relevant at the client level
b. Purchasing data relevant for the company code
c. Accounting data relevant for the company code
d. Accounting data relevant for the purchasing organization
Answer: C,A
5. A client calls you asking about purchasing a new vehicle needed for transportation. This vehicle will be put into use immediately upon receipt. Your client wants to know how to handle this. Which of the following options are correct regarding this vehicle? (2 correct answers)
a. No material master record
b. With a master record with no value based inventory but with quantity based inventory
c. With a master record with no quantity based inventory but with value based inventory
d. With a master record with both quantity and value based inventory
Answer: B,C
6. You are explaining consumable materials to a client. When purchasing a consumable material, you explain the importance of account assignment objects. Which of the following can be used as account assignment objects? (4 correct answers)
a. Cost center
b. Asset
c. Production order
d. Stock account
e. Sales order
f. Purchasing organization
Answer: A,B,C,E
7. A raw material just arrived from one of your vendors. You perform a GR with reference to the PO. Which of the following are not effects of this receipt? (2 correct answers)
a. Update quantity in material master
b. Debit stock account for a stock item
c. Debit GR/IR account
d. Transport request if WM activated
e. Price variances posted
Answer: C,E
8. Your accounting department is about to enter a vendor’s invoice for materials into SAP. As a result, SAP will perform which of the following? (2 correct answers)
a. Credit to revenue
b. Debit to GR/IR
c. Credit to stock account
d. Credit to vendor subledger
e. Debit to vendor subledger
Answer: B,D
9. While explaining PO creation to your client, you emphasize the importance of organizational levels. During your explanation, you identify which of the following as required to create the PO? (3 correct answers)
a. Plant
b. Purchasing organization
c. Storage location
d. Vendor
e. Purchasing group
Answer: B,E,A
10. Logistic invoice verification, in SAP ERP, is the process whereby a vendor's invoice is compared to the goods receipt document and the purchase order. What business integration processes, within SAP ERP, occurs with the completion of logistic invoice verification? (3 correct answers)
a. The vendor master record is updated.
b. The provisions in the GR/IR clearing account are reversed.
c. The on-hand quantity in the material master is updated.
d. The purchase order history is updated.
e. An open item is created in the vendor's account.
Answer: D,E,B
11. Within SAP ERP Procurement, the procurement process is completed by logistics invoice verification. What happens when the invoice is posted in SAP ERP? (one correct answer)
a. The payment is applied to the vendor's account.
b. The standard price in the material master is recalculated.
c. An accounting document is generated which posts directly to the Accounts Payable account within the general ledger.
d. The GR/IR account within the general ledger is debited.
Answer: D