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1. You’ve been asked to provide an explanation of some of the organizational levels in SAP ERP. Which of the following statements will you say is true? (one correct answer)
a. A company code can belong to more than one controlling area.
b. A plant must be allocated to a company code.
c. A controlling area and a company code must have the same local currency
d. A business area and a company code are assigned to each other in the enterprise structure in the IMG
Answer: B
2. A client has asked you to explain the use of currencies in SAP ERP Management Accounting. What currencies will you say can be used in management accounting? (3 correct answers)
a. Transaction
b. Operative
c. Object currency
d. Controlling area
e. Consolidation
Answer: A, B, D
3. A controlling area can have only one standard hierarchy (True/False).
Answer: TRUE
4. You are about to create a statistical key figure to help with the distribution of costs in SAP ERP Management Accounting. Which of the following are examples of fixed (Type 1) statistical figures? (2 correct answers)
a. Square footage of a building
b. Hours of maintenance labor
c. Kilowatt hours used
d. Number of network connections
Answer: D
5. You are currently working on cost center planning in SAP ERP Management Accounting. Which of the following can serve as inputs to cost center planning? (3 correct answers)
a. Manual entries
b. Formulas
c. HCM planning
d. CO-PA
e. SOP
Answer: D
6. One of the greatest benefits of SAP ERP Management Accounting is the Integrated Planning Process. Your colleagues have asked you to help explain this process. Which one of the following will you say is not a step in the integrated planning process? (one correct answer)
a. SOP
b. Product cost planning
c. Production planning
d. Cost center planning
e. Personnel cost planning
Answer: E
7. You are preparing an assessment in SAP ERP Management Accounting. Which type of cost element is used to perform an assessment? (one correct answer)
a. Primary
b. Secondary
c. Revenue
d. Cost object
Answer: B
8. An Internal Order is an extremely flexible tool in SAP ERP Management Accounting that can be used for a wide variety of purposes to track costs and, in some cases revenues, within a controlling area. Which of the following order types are internal orders? (2 correct answers)
a. Result analysis orders for posting accrual costs in CO.
b. Capital investment orders for creating assets.
c. Maintenance orders
d. Sales orders for make-to-order products.
Answer: B
9. You want to plan costs on internal orders in SAP ERP Management Accounting. Which of the following options are available to you to plan costs on internal orders? (3 correct answers)
a. Activity planning
b. Unit costing
c. Primary and secondary costs
d. Overall planning
e. Easy cost planning
Answer: A, B, C