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Compilation of subscribers that receive your communications


A table within the application database that contains your data which can store sendable subscriber data like Lists or just to house relational data

Data Extension

Choose whether to use a List or Data Extension

- 500,000 subscribers or less long-term


Choose whether to use a List or Data Extension

- Greater than 500,000 subscribers

Data Extension

Choose whether to use a List or Data Extension

- You use the XML API


Choose whether to use a List or Data Extension

- You use the SOAP or REST APIs

Data Extension

Choose whether to use a List or Data Extension

- you send global messages

- you require fast import speeds

- you implement triggered sends

Data Extension

Choose whether to use a List or Data Extension

- You prefer simplicity over performance

- You do not require fast import speed

- You plan to use a limited number of subscriber attributes


________ attribute contains information to characterize a subscriber profile.

For example, each subscriber may be asked to provide their gender, birthdate, and email address.


What are the three default profile attributes?

- Full Name

- Email

- User Defined (which is intended as a generic attribute that you can use as needed)

Can you modify the three default profile attributes?

You cannot modify these attributes.

A __________ attribute characterizes how a subscriber prefers to receive email. These are specified as "yes or no" choices to a declarative statement.


A ____________ key is a text field that contains a value that uniquely identifies a subscriber in your system.


A subscriber key is used to determine...

Whether a subscriber you import or create already exists in the system.

Using a subscriber key gives you the ability to...

Identify subscribers with a value that you choose and have a single email address appear in your database multiple times associated to different subscriber keys.

Used to relate multiple data extensions together

Data Extension Key

The ____________ is considered the master list of records for the account.

Every subscriber in your account appears in the ____________.

All Subscribers list

Usually, the data you keep in a data extension relates to a subscriber but does not fit in the subscriber profile and preference attributes for one of the following reasons:

A subscriber can have varying numbers of values. For example, a subscriber's first name fits as a subscriber attribute because you will probably refer to a subscriber by only one first name. On the other hand, a list of the subscriber's transactions in the last month might not fit well because it is difficult to predict how many transactions a subscriber will have completed in the last month.

The information is related to the subscriber through a third piece of information. For example, you maintain the subscriber's preferred airport code as a subscriber attribute, but maintain the name of the airport in a data extension.

When you create a data extension, you provide the following information for each field:


Data type

Field length

Whether the field is included in the primary key of the table

Whether the field is required to have a value

A __________ ___________ is when a subscriber chooses to unsubscribe from every email sent from your company.

When a subscriber __________ ___________ , their status is set to Unsubscribed on all your lists as well as your master list.

Master Unsubscribe

A __________ ___________ is an event that occurs when a subscriber chooses to unsubscribe from every email sent from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Global Unsubscribe

List at least three requirements to use the Import Wizard

Your account must be configured to use enhanced FTP in order to use the Data Extension import wizard

Before you can import a file, you must create a data extension and create the import file

Your import file must contain a header row and at least one row of data

Your import file must be a comma-delimiter, tab-delimiter or other delimited file

You can use the import activity or the import wizard to populate your data extension.

List at least three requirements for Import Activity

An import is an activity to use the information from an outside file to update a subscriber list or data extension

You can start an import activity each time you want to import a file, or you can include the import activity in a scheduled program to cause it to import a file at recurring intervals

If your account is integrated with a Salesforce account, you can use an import activity to create and populate a data extension with the data from a Salesforce object or report

If you import to a list using the import activity, the system uses the List Detective tool to prevent bad email addresses from being imported

If the file you are importing is encrypted or compressed, you can create a file transfer activity to prepare the file for import

Describe a scenario using API Calls

You can use the web service API to automate the addition of subscribers to your ExactTarget account as part of activities performed outside the application's user interface

For example, you can use API calls to add subscribers from information gathered from your corporate website

You can use the web service API to create lists (including publication lists and suppression lists) from within your development environment or other system to your ExactTarget account.

A group is a subset of subscribers. There are two types of groups:

Filtered Group: A filtered group is generated by filtering subscribers by profile attributes, preference attributes, filters, and measures

Random Group: A random group splits up subscribers from a selected list and places the subscribers into groups.

Use subscriber behavior to segment your subscriber base through Marketing Cloud _________.

For example, you can find all subscribers who have opened an email within the last 3 months.


A _____ ______is similar to a group, except that ______ _____ can be applied to Data Extensions and can include and/or statements.

Data Filter

A _______ ______ will segment your subscribers on a list or a data extension, according to the criteria you set.

For example, you could use a _____ ____ to find all of your subscribers on a particular list who own a car OR a motorcycle AND live in the state of Indiana OR Ohio.

Data Filter

You can use a _______ _________ to retrieve Data Extension data or view information that matches your criteria and use that information to populate a Data Extension.

A _____ _______ uses SQL and AMPscript.

Query Activity

Explain the four ways to use tools to segment data.

Groups (filtered & random)


Data Filters

Query Activity

A _________ is a unit of subscriber behavior that you define in your account.

For example, if you use dynamic from addresses on an email job, the tracking for the job is all grouped together.


Name all of the available measures



FATF (Forward to a Friend)

Not Clicked

Not Opened



Survey Response

Unique Click

Unique Open


A ________ _______ specifies that a column in one data extension contains the same kind of information as a column in another data extension or in a subscriber attribute.

Data Relationship

A ______ _______ is a hierarchical administrative structure that controls access to information and sharing of information.

Business Unit

A subscriber key is used to determine...

Whether a subscriber appears multiple times on a list, group, or data extension to be sent a message. This allows an email address to be included multiple times related to different subscriber key values.

A subscriber key is used to determine...

Which subscriber record to update when a subscriber accesses their profile center or subscription center

A subscriber key is used to determine...

Which subscriber record to unsubscribe when a subscriber clicks the unsubscribe link in an email.

True or False:

You can run reports asynchronously, meaning that you can continue working while the report runs off-screen.


Reports that you run ___________ are delivered to your email inbox or FTP server.

For some reports, you can also choose to run the report inline and have the results appear on your screen.


Identify the elements that make an email message effective: Create compelling content

A subject line that captures people’s attention

Give readers what you promised them in the subject line

Tailor your email voice

Identify the elements that make an email message effective: Offer readers something of value

Useful and helpful information about the things they find difficult or inconvenient

Work towards making yourself a trusted friend

Identify the elements that make an email message effective: Target your content

Deliver different types of content to each group according to what is of the most interest to them

Identify the elements that make an email message effective: Golden Rule

Build trust and credibility and don’t sell too hard.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud requires that all messages comply with _________, regardless of the sender or recipient destination country.


Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003)

Explain acquisition methods to allow potential subscribers to opt-in.

Be clear in the subject line

Restate your value proposition

Use YES and NO options

Try sending a second request

__________ ________ permits you to create and store content for use across all channels within your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account

Content Canvas

_________ _______is a cross-channel content editor that was built on CKEditor, an open source WYSIWYG editor, that provides a high standard of quality output.

Content Builder

Name the tool that checks for spam

Content Detective

Name the tool that completes a rendering of an email as it will be sent to a recipient.

Send Preview

Name the tool that Optimize your emails to appear how you want them to in each of your targeted email clients

Inbox Preview

Name the tool that checks for the the presence of an unsubscribe link, a physical mailing address, correct syntax for attributes used as personalization strings, and the existence of any content areas defined in the dynamic content rules.

Email Validation Tool

Name the tool used for previewing the HTML and text versions of the email, and the dynamic content (if used) for attributes, previewing the email for a subscriber, and delivering the email to a test email address.

Test Send

A _______ _______ lets you define parameters for an email job in a central location and reuse those parameters for multiple email send definitions

Send Classification

A ___________ ____________ is a record where you specify the from information for a message send in a central location and reuse that from information across multiple message sends without having to select the information each time.

Sender Profile

You select a _________ __________ when you create a send classification.

You can override the sender profile on the send classification when you include the send classification in a message interaction.

Sender Profile

A _________ _________ is a record where you can specify the delivery information for a message in a central location and reuse that information across multiple message sends without having to select the information each time.

Delivery Profile

These are automations scheduled or started based on a user defined time or parameters.

Users can select to run automations immediately/one time, scheduled/one time, or scheduled/recurring.

User-Initiated Automation
Automations that are prompted to run when a file is dropped into a designated Enhanced FTP folder.

__________ _________ do not run on a schedule; rather, they run automatically whenever the Enhanced FTP folder detects the addition of a new file.

Triggered Automations

Name the three default email playbooks available from salesforce email marketer.

Welcome Series, Customer Anniversary, Birthday Email

List the three requirements for a data extensison.

Name (used to identify the data extension within the system)

External Key (used to identify the data extension within API calls)

Description (used to identify the type and purpose of information contained within the data extension)

A collection of attributes, each with the following properties

True or False: You must create a send classification before you can include it in the interaction.


A ________ _______lets you define parameters for an email job in a central location and reuse those parameters for multiple email send definitions.

For example, an administrator might create a send classification that can be used every time a catalog is sent out to ensure that the appropriate parameters are used every time.

Send Classification

An email subject line should be ___ words or less.


Pick the following areas on an email to A/B Test.



Content Blocks

Send days/times

Subject lines

You should limit your preheader to ____ characters or less.


Processing unsubscribe requests must occur within ______ days and your unsubscribe mechanism must work for at least ____ days after the mailing.

10, 30

Accurately identify the sender in the header information.


Use a subject line that accurately represents the content of the email.


Identify the message as an advertisement


Include your physical mailing address.


Honor opt-out requests promptly. Process an unsubscribe request within 10 days, and keep your unsubscribe mechanism operational for at least 30 days after the mailing.


Provide a mechanism to opt out. You cannot require a subscriber to log in or visit more than a single page to unsubscribe.


Describe Mobile Aware

Mobile optmized tempalte - one column

Large text

Space out content for people to tap on links

List the ways a winner is determined for A/B testing

Highest Unique Opens


Highest Click Through Rate

Name 4 testing tools for email

Content Detective


Send Preview

Test Send

Name the 4 automation tools


Journey Builder


Automation Studio

Name the two type of automation avaliable within automation studio

Scheduled Automation

Triggered Automation

Use a _____ ______ when you want your automation to start based on a _______ you define, or when you want to run an automation once.

Scheduled Automation


Use a _______ _______ when you want your automation to start based on the event of a file being dropped into your designated Enhanced FTP folder

Triggered Automation

The _______ in Automation Studio defines the automation activities


Workflow activites

Data Extract

Import File

Transfer File

Name three repeat options when defining a schedule

Hourly, Daily, Weekdays, Monthly, Yearly

When can a schedule automation end?

Never, After, On Date

What is a primary key?

Marks whether the values in the field are unique.

What is a send relationship?

Defines a field in sendable data extension to map all to Subscriber Key in All Subscribers when sending

List the three types of unsubscribes




What are the two segmentation tools in the email application?

Drag and Drop Segmentation