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adulterate (v.)
to corrupt, make worse by the addition of lesser value

antonym: purify
ambidextrous (adj.)
able to use both hands equally well; very skillful; deceitful

antonym: clumsy
augment (v.)
to make larger, increase

antonym: decrease
bereft (adj., part.)
deprived of; made unhappy through a loss

antonym: replete
deploy (v.)
to position or arrange; to utilize; to form up
dour (adj.)
stern, unyielding, gloomy, ill-humored

antonym: cheery
fortitude (n.)
courage in facing difficulties

antonym: timidity
gape (v.)
to stare with open mouth; to open the mouth wide
gibe (v./n.)
to utter taunting words; an expression of scorn

antonym: compliment
guise (n.)
an external appearance, cover, mask
insidious (adj.)
intended to deceive or entrap; sly, treacherous

antonym: ingenuous
intimation (n.)
a hint, indirect suggestion
opulent (adj.)
wealthy, luxurious; ample; grandiose

antonym: poverty-stricken
pliable (adj.)
easily bent, flexible; easily influenced

antonym: rigid
reiterate (v.)
to say again, repeat
stolid (adj.)
not easily moved mentally or emotionally; dull, unresponsive

antonym: emotional
tentative (adj.)
experimental in nature; uncertain, hesitant

antonym: definite
unkempt (adj.)
not combed; untidy; not properly maintained; unpolished, rude

antonym: tidy
verbatim (adj., adv.)
word for word; exactly as written or spoken

antonym: paraphrased
warily (adv.)
cautiously, with great care

antonym: recklessly