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Valentin Serov, "Peter the First", 1907
Andrei Voronikhin, "Cathedral of the Virgin of Kazan" , 1801-11, St. Petersburg
Carlo Rossi, "General Staff Building", 1819-29
Dmitry Levitsky, "Portrait of Catherine the Great", 1783
Borovikovsky, "Portrait of Catherine the Great,", 1790s
Orest Kiprensky, "Portrait of Evgray Davidov", 1809
Orest Kiprensky, "Portrait of Pushkin", 1827, #2
Karl Briullov, "Horsewoman", 1832.
Karl Briullov, "The Last Day of Pompeii", 1833
Alexander Ivanov, "Appearance of Christ to the People", 1837-57
Venetsianov, "The Threshing Floor", 1822-23
Fedotov, "The Major's Courtship", 1848
Perov, "Easter Procession", 1861
Repin, "They Did Not Expect Him", 1884.
Repin, "Volga Boatmen", 1873
A. Vasnetsov and V. Polenovv, "Church at Abramtsevo, 1881-82
Vrubel, "Seated Demon", 1890
Bakst, Costume designing for "Shekherazada", 1910.
Bakst, Setting and costume for "L'Apres-midi d'un Faune", 1912
Borison-Musatov, "The Reservoir", 1902.
Kuznetsov, "Blue Fountain", 1905.
Goncharova, "Haycutting", 1910.
Larionov, "Walk in a Provinicial Town", 1907-09.