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When was 'Bloody Sunday'?

22nd January 1905

When were the Fundamental Laws implimented?

April 1906

When and what was Stolypin appointed as?

Minister of the Interior in April 1906

When was Rasputin first seen with the Tsar's family?

October 1906

When did the 1st Duma start and end?

10th May 1906 - July 1906

When did the 2st Duma start and end?

March 1907 - June 1907

When did the 3rd Duma start?

November 1908

When was Stolypin asassinated?

18th September 1911

When was the Economy Boost?

1907 - 1911

When was the Gold Miners strike in Lena?


When was Rasputin asassinated?

17th December 1916

When was the 1st strike again the Tsar?

January 1917

When was the Steelwork Strike/National Womens Day?

7th March 1917

How many strikers were there by the 10th March 1917?


When was the Tsar abdictated?

15th March 1917

Give some pressures that the PG were faced with in 1917.

¤ Mutinies broke out in the army

¤ Kronstadt naval base revolt in July

¤ Peasants taking over landowners estates

¤ Opposition growing from the Bolsheviks

¤ War against the Germans

When and what was Lenin's April Thesis?

April 1917 - 'Peace, bread and land'

'All power to the soviets'

What was the Kornilov Revolt?

Where Kerensky and the Bolsheviks defeated the new commander of the army, General Kornilov, because he wanted to impose a strict regime and crush opponents, like the Tsar did.

When was the Bolshevik Revolution?

October/November 1917

How many Bolshevik members were there in January - July 1917?

40,000 - 200,000

State some strengths of Kerensky.

¤ passionate speeches

¤ popular with women

¤ liked in all of society

¤ energetic and tenacious

State some weaknesses of Kerensky.

¤ Faint through nervous exhaustion

¤ Vain

¤ Arrogant and confident

¤ Lived in the same style as the Tsar

Name 3 inherited factors from the Tsar to the PG.

1. Food shortages

2. Oppositions

3. Weak army

Name 3 factors created by the PG.

1. Sent soliders to take land

2. Kerensky Offensive

3. Released political prisoners

What was the Kerensky Offensive?

Kerensky took over the army in July 1917, failed, therefore lost the support of the army.

Where and when was Lenin released from after the fall of the Tsar?

Finland in February

What were the July Days?

They were a failed revolution from the Bolsheviks that told Lenin that he needed to wait because the PG still had support.

When was the Kornilov Affair?

August 1917

What was the name of the Russian Army?

The Red Guard

Give 3 reasons why the PG lost support.

1. They lost the war (army against)

2. Didn't give land (peasants again)

3. No food (workers against)

Give 3 reasons why the Bolsheviks were successful in their revolution.

¤ Outstanding personalities

¤ Support of Moscow and Petrograd

¤ Half of the army supported

¤ 800,000 members in the right place

¤ Only party that wanted to exit war

¤ Unpopularity of the PG

¤ Dedicated to revolution

Give the order of events for the Bolshevik Revolution.

1. 6th Nov (post offices, bridges + banks of Petrograd)

2. Morn 7th (railway stations)

3. Even 7th (Winter Palace and arrest PG)

4. Kerensky escapes

5. 8th (Lenin announces Communist Russia)

How did the Bolsheviks win over the PEASANTS?

8th Nov - Handed over Tsar's land

12th Nov - day reduced to 8 hours

How did the Bolsheviks win over the POLITICAL OPPOSITION?

¤ 1st Dec - All non-Bolshevik newspapers banned

¤ 11th Dec - cadets banned

¤ Jan 1918 - shuts down consituent assembley as they are not Bolshevik

How did the Bolsheviks win over the WORKERS?

¤ 12th Nov - day reduced to 8 hours

¤ 14th Nov - insured against illness or accident

27th Dec - factories under control of workers commitees

How did the Bolsheviks win over the WW1?

¤ 8th Nov - peace with Germany

¤ March 1918 - Brest-Litorsk Disaster

Who were the Reds?

The Bolsheviks

Who were the Greens?

Peasant armies

Who were the Whites?

People who hate Bolsheviks e.g Tsarists, Revolutionaries

Why were the Reds so strong?

They had strong leadersgip from Trotsky, the Red Terror and powerful propoganda

Why were the Whites weak?

They had non clear aim and they woul fight within themselves

Why were the Greens weak?

They had different opinions and were untrained

Who was the mst famous Green?

Nestor Makhna - Ukraine

How many people died in the 1920-21 famine?

7 million

What happened on the 17th July 1918m

The Tsar and his family were moved and killed.

Why were the Kronstadt Sailors strong?

They had bravery, unity and determination and had the same goal

Why wrre the Kronstadt Sailors weak?

They were too few in numbers (thousands executed)