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What are the 3 main commando units?




Where are 40 commando based?

Norton Manor Barracks, Taunton, Somerset

Where are 42 commando based?

Bickleigh Barracks, Plymouth, Devon

Where are 45 commando based?

Condor Barracks, Arbroath, Scotland

What is the motto of the Royal Marines, and what does it mean?

Per Mare Per Terram (by sea and by land)

What is the "Commando Spirit" defined as?




Cheerfulness in the face of adversity

What values make up the commando ethos?


Commando Humour





All new recruits start their career as a what?

A rifleman

Where can a new recruit expect to be serving after training?

One of the commando units (40, 42, 45)

The Fleet Protection Group

A Fleet Standby Rifle Troop

Where are new recruits trained?

Commando Training Centre (CTC), Lympstone, South Devon

What are the 4 commando tests?

The Endurance Course

Tarzan Assault Course

Nine Mile Speed March

30 Mile March/Yomp

What does the endurance course consist of?

Two mile obstacle course followed by a 4 mile run back to Lympstone. Following this is a range test, 6/10 shots to pass. Max time. 73mins

What does the Tarzan assault course consist of?

An assault course to test aerial confidence. Max time. 13mins

What does the nine-mile speed march consist of?

A nine-mile speed march as a squad (10min/mile pace) Max time. 90mins

What does the 30 mile yomp consist of?

A 30 mile yomp across dartmoor wearing full combat equipment in teams. Max time. 8 hours.

What is the initial length of service?

12 years, however new recruits have the right to discharge after 30 days with 14 days notice.

What is the PRMC?

Potential Royal Marines Course

What are the pass requirements for PRMC?

At least 180/400 on gym tests.

3 mile run - First 1.5 miles as a squad in 12 mins 30 secs. Second 1.5 miles on own to be completed in under 10 mins 30 secs.

PRMC - Reps for push-ups?

60 reps = max points

PRMC - Reps for sit-ups?

85 reps = max points

PRMC - Reps for pull-ups?

16 max points

What happens on day two of PRMC?

Bottom field assessment

Assault course

Endurance course to be completed with positive attitude (criteria test)

Lead commando? (as of 28/05/2015)

45 commando

Standing task commando? (as of 28/05/2015)

40 commando

Force Gen commando? (as of 28/05/2015)

42 commando

When were the Royal Marines founded?

28th October, 1664

What week of training is Ex. First Step?

Week 2

What week of training is Ex.Baptist Run

Week 15

What week of training do the commando tests take place?

Week 31

What week of training is Ex. Violent Entry?

Week 22+23

Name the 6 training modules

1) Foundation (3 weeks)

2) Individual Skills (7 weeks)

3) Advanced Skills (5 weeks)

4) Operations of War (10 weeks)

5) Commando Course (6 weeks)

6) King's Squad Pass Out (1 week)

What was the Corps last major battle honour?

Falklands War

What does the globe represent?

What does the globe represent?

It was put by King George IV that the Globe should represent all battle honours due to the RM's global influence

What does the crown represent?

What does the crown represent?

The crown represents the Corps 'Royal' status

What do the laurels represent?

What do the laurels represent?

The laurels were granted for gallantry at the capture of Belle Isle in 1761

What does the anchor represent?

What does the anchor represent?

The anchor is the badge of the Lord High Admiral

What does "Gibraltar" represent?

What does "Gibraltar" represent?

Gibraltar is the Corps most famous battle honour for capturing and defending the famous rock in 1704

Who is Hannah Snell?

She dressed as a man and served as a RM

List all NCO ranks


Lance Corporal



Staff/Colour Sergeant

Warrant Officer 1 (Company Sergeant Major)

Warrant Officer 2 (Regimental Sergeant Major)

List all Officer ranks

Second Lieutenant




Lieutenant Colonel


Major General

Who was the RM's last recipitent of the Victoria Cross (VC), when did they receive it and why?

Corporal Hunter, 3rd April 1945, offered himself as a target whilst his troop were under heavy fire

What is the current rate of pay whilst in training?

(as of 28/05/2015)

£14,637 p.a