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Land under Rome’s control in 275 BC
all of continental Italy south of the Po valley
Why Rome expanded
military generals wanted glory & rewards
Greek King of Epiria 275 BC
Victory of Pyrrhus demonstrated:
military supremacy of Roman legion
population of Rome 275 BC
3 million, one of largest Mediterranean powers
what Rome established on seized land
role of colonists in times of trouble
temporary military force
name of first all-weather paved road
Via Appia, built 312 BC
what Rome demanded from defeated tribes
soldiers & supplies
what Rome gave to their defeated
Roman citizenship, self-government
Roman heartland
Latium, Etruria, Picenum, Umbria
Lex Hortensia date
285 BC
what Lex Hortensia gave
complete equality with patricians
what controlled Rome
the senate
“new nobility” based upon
magistracies held
who had real power
informal groups of senators
members of leading factiō
Rome’s economic base in 275 BC
lower upper class
roman army composition:
citizens, provided their own arms, no pay
typical commanders of the army
magistrates with imperium: consuls & praetors
assembly that elected consuls & praetors
comitia centuriata
magistrate with imperium beyond his term of office
By what formation did the Romans win many of their wars?
What was the main reason for many of Rome's triumphs?
good organization, innovative military tactics
What gave Rome power?
loyalty and acceptance of subjects
what did Rome give to many Italians?
Latin status and even Roman citizenship

what was the purpose of the Via Appia?

Transport troops quickly, maintain swift & good communication