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What is Unicum?
Bitter amaro-like liqueur from Hungary.
Where is the Oja Valley?


Two rivers running through Rioja are Ebro and Oja

What is Egrappage?


AKA Eraflage

What two Alsace AOP subzones are for varietal Sylvaner wines?
Blienschwiller and Côtes de Barr
What are the Alsace AOP subzones that permit Pinot Noir?

Côtes de Rouffauch (Pinot Noir, Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Pinot Noir)

Ottrott (PN only)

Rodern (PN only)

Saint-Hippolyte (PN only)

What are the EU RS level designations for still wines? What specific RS ranges do they correspond to?

Sec/Trocken/Száraz: 0-4g/L (or 9g/L*)

Demi-sec/Halbtrocken/Abboccato: 4-12g/L (9-18g/L*)

Molleaux/Amabile:12 / 18-45g/L

Doux/Dolce/Edés: >45g/L

* Indicates that the ranges in parentheses are allowed only if total acidity is within 2g/L of total RS

Name the red only DACs of Austria.

Mittelburgenland - Blaufrankisch

Eisenberg - Blaufrankisch

Neusiedlersee - 60% Zweigelt/max 40% other red

List the Crémant AOPs of France

Crémant de Limoux

Crémant de Bordeaux

Crémant de Loire

Crémant d'Alsace

Crémant de Bourgogne

Crémant de Jura

Crémant de Savoie (2014)

Crémant de Die

Which Crémant appellation of France is white only?

Crémant de Die AOP

55% Clairette, min 10% Aligoté, 5-10% Muscat a Petit Grains

What is Salvagnin?
A blend of min 10% PN, min 50% Gamay, and min 20% Gamaret and/or Garanoir in the Vaud of Switzerland
What is the altitude restriction for Condrieu?
Cannot be grown over 300m
What is the altitude restriction for Willamette Valley AVAs?
For Pinot Noir, must be between 200m-1000m
In addition to Calvados, Armagnac, and Cognac, what are the spirit AOPs of France?

Fine de Bourgogne

Marc de Bourgogne

Kirsch de Fougerolles

Marc d'Alsace

Marc du Jura


Pommeau de Normandie

Pommeau de Bretagne

Pommeau du Maine

What are three names for the goblet vine training system?

Bush vine (Australia)

Albarello (Italy)

En Vaso (Spain)

Explain gout de lumiere.
Gout de lumiere is French for light struck. UV light reacts with thiols to create a compound that gives off those rotting vegetal notes from wines affected by this.

Where is Javernieres?
This is a lieux-dit of Morgon within Cote du Py.w

Who produces Monfortino?
Giacomo Conterno. Produced from selected grapes in the Cascina Franca cru. He also makes a Cascina Franca, however the Monfortino selection sees a few more years of aging in oak and a relatively high temp uncontrolled fermentation.
Who produces Monprivato? What is Cá d'Morissio?

Giuseppe Mascarello

Castiglione Falletto

Cá d'Morissio is a special 3ha plot planted to a subclone of Nebbiolo Michet that has developed well to the vineyard. It is only released in great years.

In which of the following appellations is chaptalization legal?


Quarts de Chaume

Bonnezeaux is legal.

Quarts de Chaume is illegal.

2) Where would you find the following?

Clos Naudin

Clos du Mon Plaisir

Clos Pepe

Clos Sorbe

Clos de Reas

Clos de Ducs

Clos Naudin- Vouvray

Clos du Mon Plaisir- Meursault (Roulot)

Clos Pepe- Sta. Rita Hills

Clos Sorbe- Morey St. Denis

Clos de Reas- Vosne-Romanee (Michel Gros monopole)

Clos de Ducs - Volnay (Marquis d'Angerville monopole)

What species is Scuppernong?
Vitis Rotundifolia
Who owns Château Grillet? What is its second label?
François Pinault's Artemis Group who also owns Araujo Eisele, Latour, and Domaine d'Eugenie (used to be Rene Engel). Second label is Pontcin and it is released as Côte du Rhône Blanc.
What is buttage?
Earthing up to protect vines by pushing dirt up at the base.

What is the Min RS level for any port?


What is Bouillie Bordelaise?
"Bordeaux Mixture" of lime, copper sulphate and water. Used as an effective control of DownyMildew (peronospera).
85% from stated vintage, Min 30 mons on the lees from Feb 1, 37 mons total from harvest date,sweetness level from Dosaggio Zero - Extra Dry.
85% from stated vintage, Min 30 mons on the lees from Feb 1, 37 mons total from harvest date,sweetness level from Dosaggio Zero - Extra Dry.
Name the "Great First Growths" of Tokaj.
Szarvas (Tokaj), Mezes Maly (Tarcal).

What is Schilcher?
A specialty of Westeiermark. Can be a rose or red wine from Blauer Wildbacher

What parent company owns the following brands?

- Barefoot

- Hardy's

- Sutter Home

- Mondavi

  1. Barefoot - Gallo
  2. Sutter Home - Trinchero
  3. Hardy's - Accolade
  4. Mondavi - Constellation

What are the most planted grapes in Podravje?

Podravje is in Slovenia.

For white (which is what this area is predominately known for):

Laski Rizling (Welschriesling) followed by Diseci Traminer (Gewurztraminer), Renski Rizling (RIesling), Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc

For red:

Modra Frankinja (Blaufrankisch) and Zweigelt

Where is Clos Pepe?

Sta. Rita Hills

Define SIP. What are 3 of their guidelines? Name three producers.

SIP = Swartland Independent Producers

Max 25% New Oak (European oak only)

No Fractionalization

No Manipulation (Acid addition, Tannin addition, and reverse osmosis are all prohibited)

Min 80% of production must be bottled under the house's own label

Ambient Yeasts required

Must be bottled in a Burgundy shaped bottle

Badenhorst, Sadie Family Wines, Mullineux are top producers that are in the SIP.