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Temple of Hercules Victor, Forum Boarium
Portrait Statue of Aulus Metellus
Early 1st century BC

Significance of Age
Model of the Palatine Hill with Iron Age Huts, Rome
Sanctuary of Fortuna at Praeneste (Palestrina), reconstruction drawing
Sanctuary of Fortuna at Praeneste (Palestrina)
Begun 2nd century BC, renovated around 80 BC
Takes advantage of hill -- porticos on different levels
Symmetrical design
Guided perspective
Doric Columns
Paris/Munich reliefs - detail of Census frieze
100 BC

Circus Flaminius
Paris/Munich reliefs - detail of Census frieze
Paris/Munich reliefs - detail of Thaiosos frieze
Early 1st century BC


Events placed in succession
Aemilius Paullus monument, Delphi, fragments of battle frieze
168 BC

First relief to depict actual event
Portrait of Pompey, Copenhagen
First century AD

Verism -- attempt at portraying realism

This is more of an attempt at character description
Temple of Portunus, Forum Boarium
Late 2nd century BC
Derived from Etruscan prototype: high podium, deep porch, frontal approach

Engaged columns, of the Ionic style
Theater of Pompey - model
55 BC

Circus Flaminius

Portrait of Republican Man, Glyptotek
Portrait of Republican Man, New York
Tabularium, Forum Romanum
Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, Capitoline Hill, reconstruction
Sanctuary of Jupiter Anxur, Terracina, reconstruction drawing
Theater of Pompey, fragments of the Marble Plan
AD 193-235

Shows clearly that Pompey disguised his theatre as a sacred precinct to accomplish his immortality
Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, plan
Head of Man ("Brutus") from Rome
First Century BC
Establishes virtues associated with distinguished Romans
Portrait of Caesar from Tusculum
Republican Man from Torlonia
Theater of Marcellus, model of interior
Ara Pacis Augustae, Aeneas Panel
Cloak -- acting as priest while assisted with sacrifice

Augustus plays on his dynastic relationship to these heroes
Ara Pacis Augustae
13-9 BC

Altar of Augustan Peace

Product of propaganda program
Ara Pacis Augustae, South Frieze
Details imperial procession

Each person is different -- very skilled/time consuming
Ara Pacis Augustae, Tellus Panel
Tellus (Mother Earth) with two babies to emphasize fertility

Augustan peace spreads over the world
Augustus Prima Porta
Early first century AD

Bare feet - hero
Cupid, riding dolphin - Julian family was decended from Venus
Thinly veiled devine references here

Breastplate about propaganda program
Figure receiving the standard represents the Romans over Parthians
Augustus from the Via Labicana
First Century AD

Toga over head - Augustus as a priest (pontifex maximus) most important priest

Forum of Augustus, detail of caryatids
Forum of Augustus, model
Temple of Mars Ultor, Forum of Augustus, drawing
Late 1st century BC

Back of the forum Augustus, on the axis
Mausoleum of Augustus
25 BC

Message of stability, dynasty
Theater of Marcellus
Late 1st century BC

Built for Augustus's son-in-law
1. Podium
2. Engaged Column
3. Freestanding Column
4. Entrance Steps
5. Pronaos
6. Cella
Tuscan Column
Doric Column
Ionic Column
Corinthian Column