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________ is the primodial concern of Jose Rizal
who said this "Education is the key to understanding much of Rizal's career, for his whole career was bound up with education, his own education and the education of his own people"
John Schumacher
this is an excerpt from what text "with Spain or without Spain they would always be the same, and perhaps worse! if the slaves of today will be the tyrants of tomorrow?"
El Filibusterismo
Rizal addressed this to ________ " We are struggling for our rights, the rights for humanity, and if there is a God, he will have to help us"
The right to education is now enshrined in the historic
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Philippines is one of the ____ original signatories
who said this "the reality of experience"
James Royce
Rizal shared his educational views with whom?
the lawyer whom the friars consulted in their defficulties
Senor Pasta
the new society, through _____________ gave emphasis on the education of the masses
Educational Development Decree of 1972
this is an excerpt of what text "our educational system aims to provide for a broad general education that will assist each individual..."
Educational Development of 1972
Rizal in his letter to ______ "We cannot all be doctors, it is necessary that some of us cultivate the soil"
the _______ is the basis of society
fundamental in the education of the masses
Primary education
Rizal's letter to ______ "Encourage primary education"
Ricardo Carcinero
During his stay in ____, he visited a clay, glass and porcelain factory
where did Rizal want to establish a college?
Hong Kong
the curriculum of the college he planned to established in Hong Kong would've have given emphasis to the study of ________
science and technology
CC: Morals
CC: Study of Religions
CC: Natural Law
CC: Civil Law
CC: Deportment
CC: Hygiene
CC: Mathematics
CC: Physics and Chemistry
CC: Natural History
CC: Geography
CC: Political Economy
CC: World History
CC: Philippines History
CC: Logic
CC: Rhetoric
CC: Poetics
CC: Languages
CC: Physical Education
was expelled from the Universidad Central de Madrid
Dr. Miguel Morayta
Poem written by Rizal when he was 16 at ateneo
Por La Educacion
In his poem ____, Rizal urged Filipinos to seek progress through education
El Amor Patrio (Patriotism)
who summarized the qualification of teachers?
Esteban A. Ocampo
This is an excerpt from what text "what was I to do with only my meager salary to collect which I have to get the curate's approval and make a trip of the province"
Noli Me Tangere
who discussed the implications of Rizal's concept of education for higher education
Pablo S. Trillana III
who said this "It is now time to consider other paradigms and concepts on which our educational system should be anchored...."
Pablo S. Trillana III
who said this "a strong liberal education will enable filipinos to be more flexible and better equipped to cope with the ever changing demands of social, economic,and technological dynamics"
Dr. Jesus Estanislao
Where was Rizal Exiled
Fort Santiago
who said this "Liberty must be secured, by making ourselves worthy of it, by exalting the intelligence and the dignity of the individual"
Padre Florentino
Who said this "I desire for country's welfare, therefore I would build a schoolhouse"
Crisostomo Ibarra
The pace where RIzal administered his admission test
Talisay School
the key to industrial progress according to European education
as early as 1848, ___ and ___ pointed out the failures of the liberal state in the ___________
Marx, Engels, Communist Manifesto
destruction of the liberal society with its free enterprise system
alternative to liberalism
who said this "seeing the condition of the people made Rizal conclude that education should be top priority"
Joseph Proudhon
who said this "the church always allies itself with the ruling class. Religion had always been the adjunct of the propertied class"
destruction of dominant social institutions like church and state with a revolution
Rizal rejected Anarchism, and chose ______
a _____ with a policy of free enterprise would enable people to become better creators of wealth
liberal government
3 strategies for liberation
1. education
2. work
3. national community
who wrote Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas
Dr. Antonio Morga
states that there were no illiterates in this island
Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas
this is an excerpt of __ "they gradually lost their ancient traditions. their recollection, they forgot their writings, their songs..."
The Philippines: A Century Hence
Rizal shows obscurantist education propagated by the friars in the class in physics in Fili and substantiated by testimonies given to the _____
Schurmann Commission
___ tells ____ in the Fili that the friars were curtailing knowledge as much as possible by extinguishing all ardor and enthusiasm by trampling on our dignity
Isagani , Padre Fernandez
this is from ___ "Hail! Hail! To labor praise"
Ode to Labor
the story of ___ exemplifies the life of freedom that work brings.
______ would not liberate a society
Individual progress
author of Liberal Man
Herbert Spences
example of individual progress
Senor Pasta
the philippines first gained representation by virtue of the constitution of ___
this would lessen the influence of the friars on the colonial officials
secularization of all parishes
who said this "You pool your efforts thinking to unite your country with Spain with a rosy garland, and in reality you forge iron chains"
Rizal is often made out to be a ___
mere reformist
a conservative who is against revolution
who called a revolution without reforms
Edmund Burke
___ is one of the steps towards assimilation