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Gen rt atrium
-rt border of ht
-recieves veinous blood from SVC, IVC, and Coronary Sinuses
-larger than L. atrium but has a thinner wall and has a right atrial pressure slightly lower than L. atrial pressure
-post part-smooth thin walled (Sinus Venarum)
-Ant part- rough of pectinate muscles
-rt-AV orifice
sulcus terminalis
a shallow, vertical groove that externally separates the smooth and rough parts of the atrial wall
crista terminalis
this is the internal separator of the smooth and rough parts of the atrial wall
sinus venarum
smooth, thin-walled posterior part on which the SVC and IVC and coronary sinus open—this brings in poorly oxygenated blood into heart
musculi pectinati
prominent ridges of atrial myocardium located on the inner surface of much of the right atrium and both auricles
right auricle
earlike structure—conical muscular pouch projecting from right atrium; is like an “add-on” room which can increase the capacity of the atrium as it overlaps the ascending aorta
interatial septum
Separates the right and left atria; has an oval, thumbprint-sized depression (fossa ovalis)
fossa ovalis
this is what’s in the interatrial septum (see definition above); it’s a remnant of the oval foramen and its valve in the fetus
limbus fossa ovalis
border of the oval fossa (surrounding the fossa)
ostium of the coronary sinus
a short venous trunk which receives most of cardiac veins; between the right AV orifice and IVC orifice
valve of the coronary sinus
a one-cusp valve at right margin of its opening
valve of inferior vena cava
rudimentary, semi-lunar crescent of tiSSue; has no function after birth, varies a lot in size, and is sometimes absent
right atrioventricular ostium
(Right AV orifice)—the vessel in which the right atrium discharges poorly oxygenated blood it has received into the right ventricle
tricuspic valve
-tricuspid with anterior, posterior, and septal cusps
-attached by chordae tendineae to 3 papillary muscles which keep the valves against the pressure developed heart’s pumping action
-lies between right atrium and ventricle, behind right half of sternum opposite the 4th intercostal space
-it’s covered by endocardium
- the valve is closed during ventricular systole (contraction); closure contributes to first heart sound... the lub one