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Name 2 coniferous plants

Pinus sylvestris & Abies koreana

Name 2 flowering shrubs

Viburnum tinus and Rosa rugosa

Name 2 half hardy annuals

Ocimum basilicum & Phaseolus vulgaris

Name 2 hardy annuals

Helianthus annuus & Nigella damascena

Name 2 semi evergreen plants

Ligustrum ovalifolium & Cotoneaster horizontalis

Name 2 evergreen herbaceous plants

Alyssum montanum & Bergenia cordifolia

Give an example of an ephemeral

Cardamine hirsuta

Give an example of a biennial plant

Digitalis purpurea

Give an example of a tender annual

Zea mays

Give an example of a hardy annual

Helianthus annuus

Name 3 cultivars

Viburnum opulas 'Sterile', Rosa rugosa 'Scabrosa', Calluna vulgaris 'Peter Sparkes'