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The multi-disciplinary nature of Health & Safety
Sometimes solution to H&S problem is straightforward. Sometimes complicated and requires application of technical knowledge & thinking.
Involves sciences, sociology, psychology & law
In order to understand H&S issue?
Technical background & relevant knowledge.
Standards that may apply to workplace & issue under consideration.
Possible strengths & weaknesses to options to solve problem.
Barriers to good standards of H&S (1)
Co-ordination of many people/different activities.
Finding solution requires extensive background knowledge & awareness of consequences of various courses of action.
Barriers to good standards of H&S (2)
Conflicting demands:
Commonly, the need to supply product or service at appropriate speed to make a profit safely and without ill health.
Complying with different standards at same time e.g. H&S law v Environmental Protection Law.
Barriers to good standards of H&S (3)
Behavioural issues:
Good H&S often relies on people to behave in a perfect way. Solution to problem usually involves worker to behave in certain way e.g. staying in a designated walkway. But people deliberately break the rules as well as making mistakes.
Define Health
Absence of disease or ill health e.g. from asbestos, it may be some years after inhalation.
Also relates to psychological ill health e.g nervous breakdown due to stress.
Define safety
Absence of risk of serious personal injury. For example walking on an incomplete scaffold can result in a fall and serious injury. Staying off the scaffold results in safety.
Define Welfare
Access to basic facilities.

First aid provision.
Access to drinking water,
Changing facilities, M/F toilets, washing facilities, seating, lighting, ventilation & where food can be prepared & eaten hygenically.
Define environmental protection
Prevention of damage to air, land, water & living creatures in the wider environment. Word environment can refer to local area around a particular area or workstation but can be used in a wider context to refer to air land water & creatures.
Subject to legal standards.
Moral reason for managing H&S (the size of the problem)
220 killed
29,000 major injury
110,000 over 3 day injury
30 million working days lost:
(80% ill health)
(20% injury)
2 million suffer illness from current or past work.
2,000 die from mesothelioma
Thousands more from other lung diseases