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a forced removal
Mao Zedong
communist leader in China
Great Leap Forward
Mao Zedong (communist leader) wanted to improve agriculture
Cultural Revolution
attempt to stir up zeal for communism
Tiananmen Square
Students took it over in April 1989 and wanted democracy
Richard Nixon
President, visited communist China in 1970's
Douglas MacAuthor
(General) took charge of Japan after WWII
MacAuthor landed there to push the communists back
didnt agree to nuke china/Korean boarder
Ho Chi Minh
leader of communist in vietnam
Ngo Dinh Diem
leader of South Vietnam
tet offensive
U.S. amd S. Vietnam drive the Notth Vietnamese away from Saigon
What did communists claim the church was
what did the lady communist think about love
that it had no place in a classes society
what did MacAuthor do to reform Japan
allowed Women to vote, had labor unions, and wrote a new constitution
how did USA help Japans economy
U.S. gave japan billions of dollars in aid money, raw materials, and markets
How did the USSA see china?

viewed them as second class citizens
why did china want U.S. for an ally
china and russia were having boarder skirmishes, china wanted to have powerful allies
what happened when china allowed free enterprise
there GNP quadrupled
how do we know china is still oppressive

no freedom or religion, does not allow any political opposition to communism, and the Tianamen Square incident
What happened when Korea was divided at the 38th parallel?
S. Korea held elections and became Republic of Korea; N. Korea wouldn't allow elections and invaded S. Korea
What did MacArthur propose in Korea?
to nuke China-Korea border
Who wanted Viet Nam back after WWII?
Which part of Viet Nam was Communist?
Viet Cong - what did they do?
the Communist troops; sent spies to assassinate S. Vietnamese leaders
Why did US pull out of Vietman?
Because of protests against American troops being there
What happened after America pulled out of Vietnam?
the Communists took over
What did Communists teach at Soochow University (including Mao's quote) and were their predictions correct?
They taught capitalism would fall because machines would take place of laborers and capitalists would forget how to work. "Revolution is not a dinner party." Predictions were not correct because in capitalism, the more one works, the more one prospers.
What happened to Neng Yee after her husband went to Hong Kong and how did she get an exit permit?
She was forced to work in a labor camp in place of her husband. She asked to to Hong Kong for maternity leave and miraculously was granted an exit permit.
Describe three similarities and one difference between Korean War and conflict in Vietnam after WWII.
Both were struggles against communism. The North was held by the communists and invaded the South protected by US troops. There was a demilitarized zone in both Korea and Vietnam. Difference: We still have troops in South Korea; US pulled out of Vietnam