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List four elements that cause regional climate patterns.

Latitude, Wind currents, proximity to water, elevation

Most places near the ____ have warm climates.


Areas with higher elevation in a region are usually


What is savanna vegetation?

Topical grasslands

What are the three characteristics of climate?

Temperature, Seasons, precipitation

What area of the world do monsoons usually occur in?

Southeast Asia

What area of the world do typhoons usually occur in?

Southeast Asia

List the climates that usually occur in the middle latitudes.

Mediterranean, humid subtropical, humid continental, marine west coast.

List the climates that usually occur in the high latitudes.

Subartic, tundra, ice cap

List the climates that usually occur in the low latitudes.

tropical wet, tropical wet and dry

What climate zone receives the least amount of precipitation?

Arid of desert

What latitude zone are rain forests found in?

Low latitudes

What latitude zone is taiga found in?

High latitudes

What is tundra?

Cold grasslands or flat trees less plain

What is the climate zone that has a rainy seasons in summer and a dry season in winter called?

Tropical Wet and dry

What is a monsoon and how does it help people?

And air mass that carries either moist or dry air and it provides water for irrigation

A _____ is a twisting funnel shaped cloud that forms over land.


What is the definition of climate?

Condition of the atmosphere over a long period of time.

What is a polder?

land reclaimed from the sea

What is the definition of weather?

Condition of the atmosphere over a short period of time

List three causes of deforestation.

Cleared for human settlement, slash and burn farming, limber industry

Why is the Aral Sea Shrinking?


What is desertification?

Expansion of desert or arid places

Why do farmers practice terraced farming?

To farm in mountinous areas

How do volcanoes benefit humans?

Fertile farming land from volcaninc ash

List the forces that cause erosion.

Wind, water, Ice, gravity

What happened at Chernobyl?

Nuclear power plant exploded

List three ecological processes that have shaped the earth's surface.

Volcanoes, plate tectonics, erosion, weathering

List three ways humans influence their environment.

Agriculture energy usage transportation.

List three forms of pollution.

Water, air, Nuclear

The Aswan High Dam is on the _____ river?


List three examples of water diversion

reservoirs, canals, dams