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Which is the most convenient route of administration and the one most commonly used?
A) tablets
B) injection
C) oral
D) rectal
C) Oral
The most common source of drugs today is:
A) animals
B) genetic bioengineering
C) chemical synthesis
D) plants
C) Chemical Synthesis
Which drug form comes in two different varieties: a soft gelatin shell and a two-piece hard shell?
A) tablet
B) capsule
C) ointment
D) cream
B) Capsule
When two drugs administered together result in an effect greater than the sum of each given separately, the interaction is:
A) antagonism
B) potentiation
C) additive
D) synergism
D) Synergism
When analgesic drugs are used to control arthritis pain, this is an example of the ________ use of drugs.
A) diagnostic
B) preventive
C) therapeutic
D) pharmacologic
C) Therapeutic
Which of the following drug names are the same?
A) Chemical and trade
B) Chemical and generic
C) Proprietary and official
D) Brand and trade
D) Brand and Trade
Parenteral administration of a drug commonly includes all of the following routes EXCEPT ________.
A) subcutaneous
B) oral
C) intramuscular
D) intravenous
B) Oral
rug doses for an elderly patient are decreased because of the patient's decreased ________.
A) liver and kidney function
B) need for medication
C) activity levels
D) mental ability to administer correct doses
A) Liver and kidney function
The agency that regulates drug testing and approves new drugs is the:
A) National Institutes of Health (NIH)
B) Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER)
C) Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
D) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The word aqueous means ________, while the word viscous means ________.
A) topical; skin
B) intravenous; oral
C) liquid; solid
D) watery; thick
D) Watery; thick
What two components of a drug's profile are taken into consideration when determining what the therapeutic index will be?
A) Effective dose and duration of action
B) Lethal dose and effective dose
C) Half-life and, lethal dose
D) Bioequivalence and half-life
B) Lethal dose and effective dose
One important reason medications are given intravenously is because they:
A) have minimal effects on the CNS system.
B) bypass the liver initially.
C) can be more easily reversed if an untoward effect occurs.
D) have a delayed onset of action compared to the oral route.
B) Bypass the liver initially
A solution containing fine, undissolved particles of a drug that settle to the bottom of the container is called a/an ________.
A) suspension
B) liquid
C) elixir
D) spray
A) Suspension
Which drug name accurately describes its molecular structure and distinguishes it from all other drugs?
A) generic name
B) trade name
C) brand name
D) chemical name
D) Chemical Name
The main organ of excretion is the:
A) Liver.
B) Colon.
C) Kidney.
D) Lung.
C) Kidney
Drugs have three medical uses. Which of the following is NOT one of those uses?
A) to cause conditions or diseases
B) to prevent disease
C) to treat symptoms, signs, conditions, and diseases
D) to diagnose disease
A) To cause conditions or disease