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Restart Objectives
Develop a support network within each building, including a trained instructional support teacher and team.
Enhance teachers' skills in and application of best practices of instructional assessment and delivery.
Develop school-wide norms of collaboration and problem-solving.
Utilize dat for classroom and school decisions.
Goals of Restart
To enhance, improve, increase student and staff performance
What Instructional Support is NOT.
A part of Special Education.
A part of 504.
A pull-out program.
Critical of classroom teacher's strategies.
A miracle cure!
A problem solving approach to learning.
What is Instructional Support?
It is a problem solving model.
It is collaborative.
It is teacher's giving away their skills and sharing ideas.
It is a process, not a one-time event.
It is focused on success.
It is a learning process for teachers, support staff, and children.