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Lifting heavy objects is best done with which technique?
straight spine, bent legs
Patients with intravenous (IV) lines should not be ambulated. (T/F)
What parameters should be monitored during ambulation?
skin color, RR, WOB & LOC
Which of the following terms describes the power potential behind electrical energy?
Which of the following is used to report electrical current?
What is the primary factor determining the effect of an electrical shock?
Which of the following is/are key factors dertermining the extent of harm caused by an electrical current?
duration for which the current is applied, path the current takes through the body, and amount of current flowing through the body
Which of the following organs is the most sensitive to the effects of electrical shock?
Where do most hospital fires initially start?
What is true about fires in oxygen-enriched atmospheres?
They are more difficult to put out, they burn more quickly, & they burn more intensely
Which of the following conditions must be met for a fire to occur?
temp high enoug for combustion, presence of oxygen & presence of flammable material
In the standard approch to hospital fires, the RACE plan has been suggested. What does the letter "C" stand for in this approach?
Nonverbal communication includes all of the following except;
Which of the following is a method for communicating empathy to your patients?
use of touch, key words & eye contact
Basic purposes of communication include all of the following except:
change others' values & orientation
This technique will not improve one's listening skills.
judge the dender's delivery, not the content
A therapist who says "Please explain that to me again" to a patient during an interview is using what interpersonal communication technique?
Which of the following strategies for conflict resolution represents a middle-ground strategy that combines assertiveness & cooperation
The elements of a POMR entry would include which of the following?
pt's subjective complaints & concerns, objective data gaterhed by the health professional, assessment of the subjective & objective data, and finally a plan to address the identified problem(s)
To confirm a physician's prescription for a drug that you need to give a pt, you would go to which section of the Med. record?
Medication Record
A pulmonary specialist has been called in by an internist to examine a pt and help make a diagnosis. Where in the pt's record would you look for the pulmonary specialist's report?
consultation sheet
To check on the results of a patient's recent blood work, wou would go to which section of the med record?
Laboratory sheet
To determine the ammount of urine excreted by a patient in the last 24 hours, you would go to which section of the med. record?
intake and output (I&O) sheet
Which of the following is an acceptable practice in medical recordkeeping?
using standard abbreviations
About how many people die each year in the United States from hospital-acquired infections (HAI's)
Approximately what percent of patients receiving mechanical ventilation develop pneumonia as a complication?
Which of the folllowing is considered the primary source of infection in the health care setting?
What factors increase the risk of surgical patients for developing postoperative pneumonia?
obesity, prolonged intubation & history of smoking
What is the most commmon route of pathogen transmission in the hospital setting?
indirect contact
Which of the following is an example if indirect transmission involving fomites?
use of a dirty nebulizer on another patient
Which of the following dieseases is transmitted primarily by airborne transmission?
TB, measles,& smallpox
What techniques are used by most hospitals to reduce host susceptibility to infection?
immunization & chemoprophylaxis
What vaccination does OSHA require hospital employers to provide?
hepatitis B
What is the first step in equipment processing for reuse on another pt?
cleaning the equipment
Which of the following organisms is NOT destroyed by a disinfection agent?
bacterial spores
Glutaraldehyde can retain activity up to 90 days once activated. (T/F)
What is the most common, efficient, and easiest sterilization method?
steam sterilization
Which of the following is the most common source of pt infectios?
large-volume nebulizers
Standard precautions is NOT a category under Expanded Precautions. (T/F)
What is the minimum recommended time for handwashing in the healthcare environment?
15 sec
The same pair of sterile gloves can be used on numerous patients if noninvasive procedures are done. (T/F)
Development is NOT one of the five key recommended components of an infection control program in the hospital setting. (T/F)
What simple question does ethics try to answer?
how we should act
What ethical issue has recently become a significant concern for RT's and all healthcare providers due to a congressional act?
pt's right to privacy
In most profession, specific guidance in resolving ethical dilemmas is provided by what?
a code of ethics
The AARC code of Ethics holds professionals to which following principles?
actively maintaining & improving one's competence, following sound scientific procedures & ethical principles in research, promoting diesase prevention & wellness, striving to improve the access efficacy and cost of pt care, and respecting/protecting the rights of patients they treat
Which ethical principle obliges a respiratory therapist to uphold a pt's right to refuse a treatment?
What types of advanced directives can pts use to help resolve ethical dilemmas involving their life-sustaining care?
durable power of attorney & living will
Under what conditions can the principle of confidentiality be breached?
when the welfare of the community or a vulnerable individual is at stake
Before making any ethical decision, one should take which of the following actions?
consider the alternatives,and identify individuals involved, identify what ethical principles apply, and identify who should make the decision
What branch of law is concerned with the recognition and enforcement of the rights and duties of private individual and organizations?
What is the term for a civil wrong committed against an individual or property, for which a court provides a remedy in the form of damages?
Which of the following are necessary to validate a claim of professional negligence?
the practitioner owed a duty to the pt, the practitioner was derilict in that duty, breach of duty was the direct cause of damages, and damage or harm came to the pt.
A repiratory therapist who engages in a questionalble business practice is commitiing what type of malpractice?
A physician specifies an incorrect dose in a prescription for a powerful bronchodilator drug to be giben to an asthmatic pt. When the RT gives the prescribed dose, the pt suffers a fatal response and dies. Based on the principle of duty; against whom could a suit of negligence be brought?
Attending physician, RT, and dispensing pharmacist
HIPAA primarily is referred to as the Privacy Rule and is concerned with PHI. What do the letters PHI stand for?
protected health information
When performing a therapist-driven protocol (TDP), the severity assessment refers to:
the frequency of perfoming a treatment modality.
A TDP can be started after:
a physician's order for the TDP is recieved
a problem oriented mecdical record is used by health care practioners to:
systemically gather the patients data, communicated with patients family, and formulate a treatment plan.
What is included or exludeded from the patient record is decided by:
if documentation in the medical record is not according to the standards is set by JCAHO, the organization may:
issue a warning, withdraw the facility accrediation and issue a provisional acredidation
which of the following items should be included when charting a memdication nebulizer treatment?
Dated and time of treatment, Patient response to treatment, Concentration of dosage and type of medication given
Which of the following belongs in the subjective section of the medical record note?
pleurtic chest pain