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Allows us to identify the factors that indicate when an event or events will occur


allows us to identify the causes that determine when and why a behavior occurs

Basic Research

Academic research that doesn't have any clear applicability ( the licking rats)

Applied Research

intended to produce results that may have practical significance (more white-collar than blue-collar workers drink alcohol, but blue-collar workers, when they drink, drink more)

Descriptive Methods

are concerned with describing what already exists.

Observational Methods

simply means observing the human or animal behavior

Naturalistic Observation

involves observing human or animal behavior in their natural habitat

Laboratory Observation

Observing behavior in a contrived and artificial environment. Ex. observing the play behavior of children in a laboratory playroom.

Case Study Method

is in-depth study of one or more individuals.

Jean Piaget used cased studies to develop his theory of cognitive development in children.

Survey Method

involves questioning individuals on a topic or topics and in describing the responses.

Can be administered in person, mail, phone, internet

Large groups of people can be studied

Predictive Methods

seek to predict from one variable to the next

Correlational Methods

assesses the degree of relationship or the strength of the relationship between two measured Variables

Directly Related to correlational methods

1.) Level of education and income

2.) Height and Weight

Inversely Related to Correlational Methods

1.) alcohol consumption and motor coordination

2.) Elevation and Temperature

Correlation does not cause what?


Experimental Method

Seeks to determine if there is cause-and-effect relationship between the variables of interest. This method allows the researcher to know when and why a behavior occurs.

Types of Variables

Independent, Dependent, Confounding

The steps of the research process

1.) Identify the problem

2.) Do a literature review

3.) Generate hypotheses

4.) Design and conduct the study

5.) Analyze the data and interpret the results

6.) Communicate the results