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Theoretical field
Broad discourse subject area
including perhaps academic, professional knowledge, debate
key word, positions and debates that define the problem
conceptual structure for research
nominal scale
names... such as gender,
nouns, not usually organized in a particular order
name 5 inquiry designs
pre-test post-test
ex post facto
emperical field
general area of practice or activity or experience about which you intend to make claims
emperical setting
the selection and elaboration of a region, the specific site for emperical work
recasting of propositions, hypotheses or questions as a result or finding
unimproved theory, tentatively stated, to explain certain facts
What is Paul Dowling's social activity theory
language of description
what is the Hawthorne effect?
Frederick W. Taylor's experiment at Western Electric Co, Hawthorne, that indicated tested subjects improved work output simply because they were receiving attention from the test administrators
how is recontextualization achieved?
through principles of selection and organization
what is the epistimological paradox?
the act of making experience explicit of necessity entails its transformation
what is ex post facto research?
exploring the effects of a treatment that has already taken place
define correlation
a statistical measure of agreement between two coding results
define content
a description of a component to be studied
what makes a sample a random sample
all components have an equal chance of being selected
define validity, what weakens it?
the relationship between theoretical concept variables and emperical indicator variables
Ambiguities weaken validity
measurement levels.... name 4
define reliability
a measure of consistency of a coding process
list a variable scale
make it interval
calender years
1901, 2001, 3001