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Inflammation of one kidney or both

Acute pyelonephritis

Bacteria can spread to the kidney through the bloodstream or more commonly from the lower urinary tract

Acute pyelonephritis

S&S for Acute pyelonephritis

Bacteriuria , pyuria, dysuria, urinary frequency and leukocytosis

Some findings for Acute pyelonephritis

Normal -Enlarged kidneys , focal areas of altered echotexture and compression of the renal sinus

Complications for Acute pyelonephritis


Pyonephrosis, renal or perinephric abscess , emphysemtous pyelonephritis and xanthogranulmatous pyelonephritis

Describes the condition of having pas also referred to as purulent material , within the collecting system of kidneys


U/s appearance for Pyonephrosis

Hyrdonephrosis with thick pus or debri

S&S for Pyonephrosis

Fever and chills

Collection of purulent material that has leaked through the capsule into the tissue surrounding the kidney (outside the kidney)

Renal or perinephric abscess

Severe life threatening infection of the renal parenchyma that causes by gas forming bacteria

Emphysemtous pyelonephritis

Emphysemtous pyelonephritis is commonly seen in

Diabetics an immune comprised patients

Ultrasound appearance of Emphysemtous pyelonephritis

Hyperechoic foci with sharp ring down artifact or producing reverberation artifact

Usually secondary to chronic obstruction caused by nephrolithiasis and resulting in infection and is Irreversible destruction of the renal parenchyma

Xanthogranulmatous pyelonephritis

Ultrasound appearance for Xanthogranulmatous pyelonephritis

Staghorn calculus (large stone )

Xanthogranulmatous pyelonephritis is common in ?

Diabetics and females

Treatment for Xanthogranulmatous pyelonephritis he


Not enough oxygen needed blood supply to kidneys is what

Tubular necrosis(ATN)

ATN ultrasound appearance

-Normal to enlarge kidneys

-Hyperechoic pyramids and hyperechoic cortex