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Dedicated to God

something really religious eg bible

Something so special it should be respected


To do with God or religion

Special and sacred

To be respected


Objects or actions that have special meanings

When's meaning is represented through symbols

Rules in a church

No talking durning bible readings

No smoking

Men remove hats

Switch off phones

Avoid eating

Rules of behaviour in synagogue

Men and women separated

Married women cover heads

Men wear Jew cap

Phones off


Journey to a place of religious significance or for spiritual purpose

Bible bashers pilgrimage to Lourdes

In France where some kid is said to have had a lot of visions of the 'Virgin' Mary

Water there said to heals people

People go to cure themselves of illness, disease or to feel spiritually refreshed

Jew pilgrimage Israel

All Jews should go for three festivals there

Many go to the ruins of temple now called western wall

Reason for pilgrimage

Feel more involved with their faith

Sense of tradition

Reasons against pilgrimage

No proof of what happened at these places

Don't have to be religious to go -- don't make you a better person if you go


The duty that a person is sent to do


Way of spreading beliefs to others


Changing from one religion to another


No religion to being religious

Interfaith dialogue

Sharing views and ideas between members of different religions