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When a human egg is fertilised/beginning of pregnancy

Quality of life

When a person feels valued, is free from pain, anxiety and stress and life is meaning and pleasurable

Sanctity of life

Life is sacred, precious, priceless and no one should take it away

Christian view on sanctity of life

Life is sacred& a gift from God

Only God should take away life's

Jesus showed in his teaching all life should be valued

Jews and sanctity of life

Life is sacred

Life is a gift from God

Abortion and Christianity

Not all Christians have same views

Generally have concerns about it be sanctity of life

Generally against social abortion

Roman Catholic do not allow abortions

Abortion and Jews

God should only end life

Life is god gift and should be preserved

Abortion is allowed in some cases such as rape and to save the mothers life


Mercy killing

Bringing peaceful end to dying process

Helping someone die

Christian and Jew view on euthanasia

All life sacred/gift from God

Ten Commandments/ thou shall not kill

God give life only he should take it

God will support them

How do believers decide fam

Sacred text--the bible/Torah

Pray and seek guidance from God ini

Discuss with bible bashers


An 'inner voice' that keeps a believer on the right track

Morals--knowing right from wrong

Religious believers like Christian and Jew make right choices to please God boiii

Free will

Everyone is responsible for their actions

Humans have free choice in life

Began with story of Adam and Eve

Advances in medicine





Medical ethics

What is good

I'm medicine or treatment

Can include decisions such as IVF, abortion and euthanasia

Christian and medical ethnics

Roman Catholics against IVF because it involves throwing away fertilised eggs

Other Christian groups accept IVF because it brings happiness to the couple and technology is gods gift

Jew and medical ethnics

Egg should be donated by a Jew woman so child is Jew

AID seen as adultery and children have a right to know who parents are

Hippocratic oath

Doctors take this when they qualify and promise to save life's when ever possible, promise to treat people to the best of their ability and do all they can to keep someone alive no matter who it is


To remove and body organ and replace it in another body