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Siblings of Christ
4 brothers - James the apostle
3 sisters
How can you prove really Christ's siblings?
he KNOW her not til she had her first born son
Why did Jesus's brethren not believe him?
-normal baby/child
-would it be difficult to have such a perfect sibling?
Where did Jesus live?
2-5 years - Egypt
5- 30 years Nazareth
JST Lost 25 years
-Jesus grew up in a family
-nothing supernatural about his childhood (throw out apocriphal writings)
-carpenter (serve under his father)
^no "man" could teach him(talking about natural men/men without spirit - not Joseph or Mary)
Luke 2:41-48 Lost 25 years
-12 years old
-found him in temple among theology PhDs
-Hearing him and asking questions (them-Luke, him - JST)
-they were astounded by his answers
What is a forerunner?
Who is forerunner of Christ?
-Goes before chariot makes sure everything is OK

-John the Baptist
John the Baptist - 3 dispensations
-3 dispensations
-Last of the old testament
-first of the new testament
-restored priesthood in our dispensation
-"greatest man born of women"
3 phases
Phase 1: he will come (matthew,mark, luke) , aaronic priesthood (John)

Phase 2 & 3 John talks about

Phase 2: he has come, dove prearranged sign showing John the baptist he is baptizing son of God

Phase 3: leave me, follow Christ
-Andrew listens, becomes apostle (Andrew, John)
-John the beloved
*devil can't come in sign of dove
*holy ghost does not transform into dove - it is a sign/symbol
-believed in traditions of elders
-follow law of moses(added other traditions/rules)
-believe in resurrection
-believed in immortality
-provided themselves on their strict observance of the law, and on the care with which they avoided contact with things gentile
--reduce religion to observance of a multiplicity of ceremonial rules
-sell sacrifice materials, mad at Christ shutting down temple
-don't believe in resurrection
-follow law of moses, no higher law
-held to the letter of the mosaic revelation and denied the authority of ancient tradition
lawyers, traditions
-business to develop the law in detail and apply it to the circumstances of their time
-had no authority. changed the scriptures, took away fulness of them.
Temptations of Christ - Matthew 4
1. Appetite and Passion
-stones to bread
-doctrine of source

2. Pride/Fashion of vanity
-satan quotes scriptures
-400 foot suspended in air
-IF is temptation - IF he was son of God

3. Power & riches
-don't want to wait
First recorded miracle
-water to wine
-might have been a sibling's wedding, Mary in charge of food
-real wine
-table wine = 3 parts: 1 part wine

What do you learn?
-love Mom
-power over elements (make great wine - should take years - in a moment)
-the savior is social
-faith without works is dead
-approves of marriage
-Christ has power to change us
can't make it without: baptism, holy ghost
-be born of spirit and water
-baptism not key point
-Jesus sent to save the world, not condemn it
Women at the well
Why are you talking to me?
- she is Samaritan
- she is a woman

Woman - thinking temporal
Jesus - thinking spiritual
"living water"

found prophet/messiah
Jesus had told her all about herself
goes to tell city she found Messiah
Brother companions
Peter & Andrew
James & John
James & Lybias Thadius Judas
Who is from Judea?

12 apostles
Judas Iscariot
Apostle Missionaries
-don't take money, food, staves, (weapons)

-policy changed, not doctrine
-now take sword
-Jesus won't be there need to protect themselves
-travel with purse & scrip
How did Jesus choose the 12?
Jesus prayed all night before choosing the 12
-need opposition but Judas still in big trouble
-wo unto him by who the offense comes
Picking another apostle
Had to pick Mattias or Joseph

-Have to pick one
-beginning with baptism of John the baptist
-will become witness of the resurrection- best definition of apostle
-if he baptized - taught htem as well
2 disciples of John the baptist we know for sure?
John the Beloved
Why was John the baptist a great prophet?
1. entrusted with divine mission preparing way before Lord
2. mission to baptize the son of man
3. legal administrator and held keys of power. jews had to obey his instructions or bey damned
doctrine of source
be careful of who sources come from. Jesus doesn't want evil spirits to testify of him *when rebukes devils after calling them out)
-even the devil can quote scripture
What did John the baptist say?
"he must increase, but I must decrease"
very humble
teaches about godhead
godhead is keystone of church
holds keys to priesthood
beheaded by herod
first presidency
brother of James
remained on earth
tax collector