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Online Encyclopedia
Set of encyclopedias accessed through the internet.
CD-ROM Encyclopedia
A set of encyclopedias put in a multi-media format that includes articles, sounds, pictures, and videos.
A collection of web sites that cover all different types of subjects. Information found on the internet is not always reliable.
Tells you the correct spelling of a word, how to pronounce it, what the word means and its history.
A book or set of books that contain information on all subjects and branches of knowledge. Subjects are arranged in alphabetical order.
This book is like a dictionary except it gives synonyms and antonyms for words.
Guide Words
These words tell you the beginning and ending words on a page. All words that come alphabetically between those two words will be on that page.
Magazines and newspapers
This book is a collection of facts and data on nearly every topic you can think of.
This is a book of maps that gives information about the world.
Periodical Index
Helps you quickly find the magazine articles you need. They are usually arranged by subject.