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Is there a difference between Contact sign and PSE?

Yes. Contact sign is a form of asl with English influence

Why does contact signing exist?

Raised with hearing parents

Mainstream school to make English and grammar more visible

Residential schools use a form of English signing

What is another name for SEE?

Manually coded English

What did Sam supalla test for with students?

To see if SEE would become more ASL and the test was successful

Lucas and Call I tested the linguistic and sociolingustic features of contact signing what did they discover?

Deaf people will code switch depending on the formality of the event. Some went more English but some remained ASL

What does AVLIC define transliterating as?

Facilitating communication between people who share the same language but not the same language mode

What do Humphrey and Alcorn define transliterating as?

Taking the message and expressing it in a different form of the same language

What did Frishberg say transliterating is?

The process of changing and English text into manually coded English. Other definitions are lacking because it really is a combination of English and Asl

The research in 1984 in California said transliterating has which two challenges?



Winston says what about transliterating?

It involves message analysis

When will transliterating be most successful?

When incorporating asl features such as use if space and verbs and additions and restructuring

Name the four different types of English mouthing

Full mouthing

Reduced mouthing

Lixicalized mouthing

Mouthed adverbials (mm, cha)

Transliterating strives to represent which two things?

Meaning and form

What are three reasons that Viera and Stauffer said interpreters can't transliterate?

They don't understand what English looks like

They are unable to fulfill the request

They lacked respect to meet consumers needs

What is Malcoms preferred word for transliterating?

Contact signing

Does avlic have a certification for transliterating?

No but RID does