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It is important to know your audience but why?

Subtle sign differences for example: age, sexual preference, gender, religion

Define convergence

Changing signing style to be easier to understand (between deaf and hearing)

Define divergence

Signing normally (deaf between deaf)

What is lingua Francas?

Different communities with independent languages communicate by thus kind of language ( international sign language )

Do interpreters need to use a variety of language?

No but they do need to understand them.

Nonce signing is what?

Setting up a sign for a duration of event

When in doubt about where on the language spretrum to sign where should you go?

Pure ASL

Name 5 decisions interpreters need to make

Linguistic (lexical or syntactic)

Discourse structure (change to make more cultural appropriate)

Socialingusitic driven (gender or age)

Reparative (fixing mistakes)

Interactive ( using their signs)