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True or False
Both northerners and southerners supported

Most southerners hated Reconstruction and blamed the north for their problems.
What does segregation mean?
forced separation of people by race
True or False
Reconstruction governments were responsible for some positive changes in the south, including building many public schools.
What laws were passed by Southern states after the war which limited the freedom of the African Americans?
Black Codes
Which amendment ended slavery in the U.S.?
Thirteenth Amendment
True or False

Republican control of Congress led to more civil rights for African Americans in the 1870s.
What does Reconstruction mean?
Reuniting the U.S. and rebuilding the south
What led to the end of Reconstruction?
Compromise of 1877
What did Southern Democrats call white southern Republicans who cooperated with the Reconstruction governments?
This word meant liars and cheats.
What federal agency was established to provide relief for all poor people in the South after the Civil War?
Freedmen's Bureau
What did the Civil War Amendments, 13th, 14th and 15th, have in common?
All three increased the rights of African Americans.
Most southern states had laws which enforced segregation. What were these laws called?
Jim Crow laws
Who was impeached because of frequent problems with Congress?
Andrew Johnson
Who was the vice president who became president after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln?
Andrew Johnson
What group in Congress considered the Black Codes to be undemocratic and cruel?
Radical Republicans
What were carpetbaggers?
Northern Republicans who moved south after the Civil War
What was the system that allowed poor people to farm land they could not afford called?
What is an official pardon for illegal acts called?
a pardon
How was the southern economy affected by the Civil War?
food was scarce, railroads were ruined, banks went out of business and businesses went bankrupt
What name was given to the laws which divided the South into 5 military districts until military control?
Reconstruction Acts
True or False
African Americans were accepted as equals after the Thirteenth Amendment.
One way African Americans were kept from voting was that in order to vote, a tax had to be paid. What was this tax called?
a poll tax
True or False
The sharecropping system left many farmers always in debt.
What terrorist organization used violence to deprive the freed slaves from exercising their civil rights?
Ku Klux Klan