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a gland; lymphadenopathy
vessel; lymphangiography
fluid; humoral immunity
large; macrophage
delicacy; opsonization
five; pentamer
guard/preserve; anaphylaxis
eat; phagocyte
fire; pyrogen
cow; vaccine
The lymphatic system collects excess BLANK and returns it to the bloodstream
interstitial fluid
The fluid within the lymphatic vessel is called
Neutrophils follow a chemical gradient of SOS signals to the damaged tissue. This movement is called
Chyle flows into specialized lymph vessels called
What is the function of the red pulp of the spleen?
graveyard for RBCs
Similar to veins, lymphatic vessels have BLANK to prevent backflow
List three functions of the lymphatic system
1.) defends body from pathogens
2.) maintains blood volume
3.) provides proliferation site for immune cells
Patches of lymphatic tissue called BLANK are located at the entrance to the pharynx
Mucus, tears, and saliva contain the enzyme BLANK that can destroy bacteria
Immature BLANK leave the bone marrow and migrate to the thymus
The BLANK lymphatic duct receives lymphatic drainage from the upper right side of the body
B lymphocytes differentiate into BLANK which are the cells capable of producing antibodies
plasma cells
The type of lymphocyte that directly attacks and causes lysis of cellular pathogens is the
cytotoxic T-cell
Antibody type BLANK is a pentamer and binds complement
The type of antibody that represents 85% of all circulating antibodies is
A protein released by cells infected by viruses that can protect other cells from infections is called
If an individual suffers through chicken pox or measles, this is an example of BLANK immunity
natural active
Fever is caused by chemicals called BLANK that are released from immune cells
Name the 4 cardinal signs of inflammation
redness, heat, swelling, pain
After surgery to remove lymphatic vessels associated with the removal of a melanoma, what condition can be expected relative to lymph drainage? is this a permanent problem?
Lymphadema, not a permanent problem because they're epithelial cells (rapidly dividing)
A young man appears at the clinic with swollen, tender inguinal lymph nodes. What term is sued to describe an infected lymph node? What contagious disease is named for this term?
Bubo. Bubonic plague
When a person receives a vaccination, it is generally an attenuated or weakened form of the virus. What type of immunity will be conveyed? Natural or artificial? Active or passive?
Artificial active. Because not a live active virus, can produce memory.
A woman is brought into the hospital with flu-like symptoms which seem to increase even with treatment. Further investigation reveals a damaged heart valve and immediate surgery saves the woman's life. It is determined that a piece of a popcorn kernel lodged in her gum is suspect. How could this seemingly harmless condition produce her life-threatening issue?
Benign bacteria in the mouth that moved into circulation where it impairs heart valve -- strep viridans.
A breast cancer patient is found to have axial lymph nodes affected by her disease along with a radical mastectomy these lymph nodes are removed. Why do local lymph nodes tend to become secondary cancer sties?
Because lymph vessels are permeable to cancer cells that metastasize from the original site
Explain the difference between Hodgkin's and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma?
Hodgkins have multi-nuclenated lymphocytes and better prognosis because it tends to stay more localized.
A woman contracted malaria and tuberculosis on a recent trip to the tropics. When she returned home, she developed mononucleosis. During a doctor's examination, it was determined that her spleen was enlarged. What is the term for this condition and why did it happen to her?
Splenomegaly and happened to infected blood that caused inflammation