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Real Property
"that which is immovable by law" ...Land, anything affixed to the land, Appurtenances
Riparian rights:
Littoral rights:
Moving water
Non moving water
Personal Property
chattel, chose
Fee Simple Estate
Estate of inheritance, perpetual estate, estate in fee, fee estate
Gross Lease
Lessor pays expenses, lessee pays a fixed amount.
Net Lease
Lessee pays expenses (taxes,insurance and maintenance).
Percentage Lease
Lessee pays rent based on a percentage of gross receipts of the lessee's business.
Creation of Lease
Length of time
Amount of rent
Names of parties
Description of property
Burdens on property (liens, trust deeds, mortgages, taxes, judgment)also burdens (zoning, easement, deed restrictions)
the right to enter or use another person's land within definable limits.
A wrongful placement of an improvement on the property of another, a type of trespass.
Subdivision Map Act
grants cities and countries controle over the design.
Subdivided Lands Act
Designed to prevent fraud. Regulated by the Real Estate Commissioner (state).
Person dies with no heirs, assests go to state.
Quiet Title Action
a court suit to perfect title, unually by removing a cloud on title.