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a statement that shows two ratios are equal or proportional
can be written in two ways
1. in numbers- 2/3=4/6
2. in words- two is to three as four is to six
to creat proportions we can creat tables of equivalent ratios the write the proportions
3 6 9 12
4 8 12 16
proportions are:3/4=6/8;3/4=9/12;3/4=12/16;6/8=9/12;6/8=12/16;9/12=12/16
makes sure you
read the directions
four ways are-
1. 3 TV sets/2 homes=6 TV sets/4 homes
2. 2 homes/ 3 TV sets= 4 homes/6 TV sets
3. 2 homes/4 homes=3 TV sets/6 TV sets
4. 4 homes/2 homes=6 TV sets/3 TV sets
four ways to write a proportion
make sure your numerator and denominator match properly
use labels
there are many ways to check whether two ratios are proportional
1. rewrite the ratios in lowest terms
a. check if they are equivalent
example: 4/12=8/24
1/3=1/3 yes
2. whether the numerators or denominators are related by multiplycation
example: 7/10=21/30
7/10*3=21/30= 21/30 yes
3. use a scatter plot test for proportionality
a. graph the equivalent ratios
b. if a straight line passes through the points and will also pass through point 0,0 it is a yes
solving a proportion
means finding a missing part of the proportion
use unit rates to solve
1.find unit rate
2.multiply to solve the proportion