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What word means an area of elevated land that that is flat on top?
What are the five geographic regions in virginia?
Costal Plain,Piedmont,Blue Ridge Mountians,Vally and Ridge, Appalachian Plateau
Name the five states that border Virginia?
Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina.
What Causes people to adapt old customs to their new environment?
Where did the africans primarily settle in?
These regions required a great deal of agricultural labor.
Tidewater Region
Piedmont Region
The Germans and Scotch -lrish settled primarily where in Virginia?This place was along the migration route.rgrptop
Shenandoah Valley
The place name Roanoke reflects which culture?
American Indians {First Americans}
The success of tobacco as a cash crop transformed life in virginia colony and encouraged What?
Name three changes that took place to ensure the survival of the colony.
1. arrival of two supply ships
2. forced work prgram
3. Captain John Smith's leadership
4.Self-sustaning agriculture
what factors often influencethe lokation of a capital
georgraphical factor