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Title ?
Freedom of movement for workers within the Union
Right to take up activity as an employed person ?
Article 1(1)
Right to take up available employment (in another MS territory) with the same priority as their nationals
Article 1(2)

Right to exchange applications for and offers of employment


conclude and perform contracts of employment

without discrimination

Article 2

Non-application of provisions (law, regulation, admin action) that

(a) limit application for and offers of employment or rights of foreign nationals to take up and pursue employment

(b) or where principal aim/effect even though irrespective of nationality is to keep other MS nationals away from employment offered ?

Article 3(1)
3(1) Exceptions ?
Regarding conditions relating to linguistic knowledge
Non-application of provisions that numerically restrict employment of other MS nationals ?

Article 4

Job-seeking assistance to be same as for nationals ?

Article 5
Posts not to be dependent on discriminatory (on grounds of nationality) medical, vocational or other criteria ?
Article 6(1)
Possibility of vocational test if employer expressly requests on making offer of employment ?
Article 6(2)

No differential discriminatory treatment re: any conditions of employment and work in partic

  • remuneration
  • dismissal
  • reinstatement/re-employment
  • ?

Article 7(1)
Right to same social and tax advantages as nationals ?
Article 7(2)
Right of access to training in voc schools and retraining centres to be same as nationals ?
Article 7(3)
Voidity of discriminatory collective agreements re: eligibility for employment, renumeration, other conditions ?
Article 7(4)
Access to unions and rights
Article 8
Right of access to housing - same "rights and benefits accorded to national workers..including ownership" ?
Article 9
Right of access of children to State educational/apprenticeship/vocational training provisions and facilities
Article 10

Social and tax advantages are ?

Not to be interpreted restrictively ie apply whether attached to employment or not - Christini !