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Usual range for minimum maximum water pressure for ice machine


What are three installation related troubleshooting problems that a technician must check?

Location, drainage and water supply

What info is necessary to compare the ice machine current ice production compared to manufacture chart for ice machine?

Ambient water temperature, total production time, total weight

What is the approximate water leaving water temperature for a water cooled iced machine?

95° to 105°

On a water cooled ice machine, how much water should be drained through the connector on defrost?


What is the primary cause for ice machine service?

Lack of maintenance

What is the manufacturers warranty coverage for most ice machines?

Replace defective warranty part within the warranty period

What is the proper charging procedure when retrofitting a critically charged r-12 reach in with 401a with an ambient at 80° (30) split?

Charge to 136

How should you charge an r-12 walk in refrigerator with TEV when retrofitting to 401a with ambient of 80°

Charge head pressure until reach 168 or has 10° of subcooling

How do you charge a 134a refrigerator with a cap tube?

Weigh in charge as in nameplate

What is the best thing to do before evacuating refrigeration system?

Evacuate gauge and pump on connections to ensure all connections are tight

The micron gauge is not working properly, what should you do first?

Pour alcohol in the inlet to clean it out