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What role did Kwame Nkrumah play?
Provided a vision to unite Africa (spokesperson for freedom)

Led Ghana to Independenc in 1957
What was the Atlantic Charter?
When was it made?
Who made declaration?
How did the promise affect Africans?
A solemn declaration -- promised after allies won the war they would respect the right of all peoples to choose form of government under which they will live

1941 (During World war II)
Franklin Roosevelt -USA and Prime Minister Winston Churchill of Britain

The promise affected Africans because it gave the Africans motivation to fight. Knowing that allies would be allowed to govern themselves aligned with what Africans were fighting for. Therefore, this declaration gave the Africans added motivation that their fight was progressing>
What were the major goals of the Atlantic Charter?
promissed that after the Allies won the war they would respect the right of all people to choose the form of government under which they will live
Name at least three countries that had the "spirit of nationalism in Africa"
1. Ghana
2. Kenya
3. Mozambique
Name four factors that facilitated African Nationalism.
1. Colonial Oppression
2. Missionary Churches
3. World War I and II
4. Pan-Africanism
Define Pan-Africanism.
It is general term for various movements in Africa that have as their common goal the unity of Africans and the elimination of colonialism and white supremacy from the continent.
Who were the major founders/spreaders of Pan-Africanism?
1. Henry Slyvestor Williams
2. W.E.B Dubois
3. Marcus Garvey
Why did the movement/conference start outside of Africa?
1. Protest to Britains Queen Victoria about racist colonial rule in S. Africa & Rhodesia
2. The poor treatment of Africans in London
What are the 2 Key Elements of Pan-Africanism.
1. Common heritage of people of African Descent

2. obligation for people to work for interests and well being of others everywhere
Where and when was the 1st Pan-African Congress held?
In 1900 held in London.
Where and when was the 2nd Pan-African Congress held?
Paris, France in 1919
Where and when was the 3rd Pan-African Congress held?
in London, Paris, and Brussels (Held in 3 cities)
Where and when was the 4th Pan-African Congress held?
in London and Lisbon

Where and when was the 5th Pan-African Congress held?
New York

Where and when was the 6th Pan-African Congress held?

What quote did Kwame Nkrumah?
"Our independence is meaningless, unless it is linked to other African Nations"
What were two major demands of confererence in Paris (2nd)
1. Wanted allies to take over German Territories (Joint Soverign states)

2. Gradual independenc (African should take part in govern self).
In the 3rd conference, Why wasn't it held in U.S. What came out of the 3rd Conference?
United states was afraid Dubois was going to publicize lynchings taking place.

London Manifesto (Train African People for self Gov't)
Why was the 5th Pan-African Confrence delayed?
Due to disputes
Why were the locations selected in the 3rd conference?
Those countries were the most deteroration / enslavement of Africa
Which was the most important/successful Pan-African Conference? Why?
The 6th

It marked the transformation of Pan-African movement from protest movement to a tool of African-Nationalist movement fighting for self independence.
When did S. Africa become independant from Apartheid?
What was the major motivation for the founders of the Pan-African Movement?
Colonial-racism that was taking place.
____________ maintained that in order for black people to free themselves from racial discrimination and rampant racism, they must reclaim their African heritage.
W.E.B Dubois