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What are the three meningitis?

1) Dura mater

2) Arachnoid mater

3) Pia mater

The (blank) contains cerebrospinal fluid.

Choroid plexus

Which layer is the outer most covering of the spinal nerve?


Which white matter tracts of the spinal cord carries sensory information?

Ascending tracts

Which of the following part of your reflex are monitors of your body condition?

Neurological reflexes

Which type of descending motor pathway originates in the brain stem & govern automatic movements that helps regulate muscle tone, balance, and posture?

Indirect pathway

Which of the following part of the reflex receives sensory information & how to respond to changes in the body's condition?

Integration nerves

Thoracic nerves are also called?

Intercostal nerves

Which of the following is a viral infection of the peripheral nervous system?

Herpes, HIV, human t-cell lymphotrophic virus (HTLV)

Which of the following regions of your spinal cord contains a conspicuous enlargement?

Cervical and lumbar