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What were the 3 reasons responsible for European colonialism or Europe being interested in Africa?
1. Scientific knowledge
2. European Racism --> routed in evangelical christianity
3. Imperialism
What 3 purposes did missionary education play?
1. Basic Literacy (For reading bible)
2. Impact the values of western society (civilization)
3. To raise level of productivity for African workers
What is nationalism?
African nationalism is a subjective feeling of kinship or affinity shared by people of African descent.
What formed the ideology governing African resistance?
1. Religion
2. Soveirnty
What is the theory of Social Darwinism?
The stronger dominates the weaker
What was the rationale for Imperialism?
1. political/strategic
2. cultural
3. economic
What were the two factors driving Africans to Freedom?
1. Soveringty
2. Religion
Discuss rationale for imperialism in Africa. Be able to elaborate on this.
1. political/strategic
2. economic
3. cultural
Why was it impossible for Africans to organize on a countrywide basis?
because africa is broken in regions
Who is Jomo Kenyatta? (he was considered the father of Kenyan nationalism)
First President of Kenya. Father of Nationalism. Went on to win independence for Kenya in 1963
What was the king of benin called?
What period did AFrican resistance to colonialism occur?
What period did African Nationalism take place?
What surged the African Nationalism?
1. Colonial Oppression
2. Missionary Churches
3. World War 1 & 2
Who revolted against the Hut Tax? In What area did this revolt occur?
Temne and Mende
Sierra Leone
Who revolted against forced labor? Where did this occur?
Nama and Herero
What Rebellion took place in Tanzania? What period did this occur? Who did they resist?
Maji Maji Rebellion
Who was Leopald Sedar Senghor?
The retired first president of Senegal
What two major achievements did missionary education give?
1. gave skills to articulate demands and question the legitamacy of colonial authorities
2. a powerful medium of African acculturation of Western Christian values.
Who was the Mau Mau against?
What is the theory of Evangelical Christianity?
Is the thought that a broader missionary or impulse to westernize African people. (cannot be sustained a general theory of imperialism)
Name two theories of imperialism.
Theory of Evangelical Christianity
Theory of Social Darwinism
__________ was the major defining goal of the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya.
fight for land and freedom
V.I. lenin argued that European imperialism was a response to the demands of capitalist economies.
What name did the white settler government give to Zimbabwe?
The league of Nations was formed in _____ after the First World War.

What was the main purpose?

Prevent another world war (failed)
What is the definition for African nationalism?
Is a subjective feeling of Kinship or a affinity for people of African descent.