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Used to track income and expenses for separate segments of the business
Starting in 2011 what editions of Quickbooks can produce a balance sheet by class report
Premier and Enterprise
If Class is enabled is the user forced to class when making a journal entry?
In a retail environment what might class be used to report
Are classes used to analyze customers, vendors, or sales items?
No, those are able to be analyzed without having to use classes
Where is class turned on in QuickBooks?
Is it possible to establish subclasses in Quickbooks
When class is turned on what forms is a class field added to?
invoices, checks, bills, credit card charges, and other forms.
What accounts are automatically set up by quickbooks?
Accounts Receivable, Inventory Asset, Undeposited Funds
When does QB automatically set up the Accounts Receivable account?
During the Easy Step interview or the first time an invoice is created