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the sternothyroid, thyrohyoid, and inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscles connect to what structure on the thyroid cartilage
oblique line
the ___ of the cricoid cartilage faces posteriorly and the ___ faces anteriorly
what process does the vocal ligament attach to on the arytenoid cartilage
vocal process
the apex of the arytenoid cartilage articulates with what other cartilage
corniculate cartilage
what are the cartilages that are rod shaped, lying anterior to the corniculate cartilages and within the aryepiglottic folds
cuneiform cartilages
what has an opening in it that allows passage of superior laryngeal vessels and internal laryngeal nerve
thyrohyoid membrane
the lateral thyrohyoid ligament, which is part of the thyrohoid membrane sometimes has what cartilages in it
triticeal cartilage
what ligament connects the epiglottis and the hyoid
hyoepiglottic ligament
what is the name of the ligament that forms the vocal ligament, and median and lateral cricothyroid ligament
conus elasticus
which ligament is ultimately responsible for the formation of the vestibular fold
quadrangular ligament
what type of joint is the cricothyroid joint
what is the effect on the vocal ligaments as the thyroid cartilage tilts anteriorly
folds tense
which joint allows for the abduction or adduction of the attached vocal ligaments
cricoarytenoid joint
what is the region called between the laryngeal inlet and vestibular folds
what is the space called between the two vestibular ligaments
rima vestibuli
what is found between the vestibular and vocal folds
laryngeal ventricle
what is the anterosuperior extension of the laryngeal ventricle called
laryngeal saccule
what is formed by vocal folds and rima glottidis
what is the space inferior to the vocal folds called
infraglottic space
which muscle in the larynx will stretch/tense the vocal folds
cricothyroid muscle
which muscle of the larynx will relax the vocal folds
what is the name of the muscle that runs with the vocal ligament
vocalis muscle
which muscle acts as a sphincter for the laryngeal vestibule
thyroepiglottic muscle
which muscle opens the rima glottis (abducts vocal folds)
posterior cricoarytenoid muscle
what muscle adducts the vocal folds (closing rima glottis)
lateral cricoarytenoid muscle
the transverse arytenoid muscle will cause the vocal folds to...
adduct (close)
the oblique arytenoid muscle will assis in ___ of the vocal folds
the superior laryngeal artery is typically a branch of what artery
superior thyroid artery
the inferior laryngeal artery arises from...
inferior thyroid artery
the inferior laryngeal artery can be found ___ to the cricothyroid joint
the superior laryngeal vein drains through the wuperior thyroid vein into the...
internal jugular vein
the inferior laryngeal vein typically empties into the...
left brachiocephalic vein
branches of what nerve are both sensory and motor to the entire larynx
which nerve will innervate the cricothyroid muscle
external laryngeal nerve
what nerve provides sensation and parasympathetic input to larynx in area of vocal folds and above
internal laryngeal nerve
the superior laryngeal nerve divides into
internal and external laryngeal nerve
what nerve innervates all of the intrinsic muscles of larynx, except cricothyroid muscle
inferior laryngeal (was recurrent laryngeal)
the recurrent laryngeal nerve becomes the inferior laryngeal once it passes deep to what structure
inferior pharyngeal constrictor
if a person complains of a lower than normal voice, and being monotone, what nerve may be damaged
external laryngeal nerve
damage to what nerve may result in paralysis of the vocal folds
inferior laryngeal nerve