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Some drugs and chemicals are affected by light, heat, moisture, and contact with other chemicals

Drug containers are as follows:

Light resistant

Well closed


Hermetic (gases)

Single dose

Unit dose

Multiple unit

Prepackaging, the process of repackaging drugs from bulk supplies into smaller quantities for dispensing

Each container of prepackaged medication should be labeled with the following information

Pharmacy name

Name of drug

Strength and dosage form


Lot number

Expiration daye

Unit dose packaging, repackaging of drugs from bulk into windows, this is probably the most used system, more and more hospitals are converting to it, unit dose of medications are ordered, Packaged, handled, administered, and charged in units containing enough of the drug for one regular dose, application, or use

Guidelines for repackaging:

Must be done in isolated, clean area with enough work space

Only one drug should be repackaged at a time

Check ingredients and labels carefully to make sure they are correct

Drugs may not be released for use until checked and approved by the pharmacist

All equipment should be maintained according to the manufactures instructions and cleaned after each use

Accurate records of each batch must be kept

Packaging materials used for prescription containers must be compatible with the drug

Each label must contain, drug name, strength, lot number, and expiration date

Records must be kept for at least one year

Compliance aids:

Dosage spoons



Daily/weekly dose planner

Dial a dose dispenser

Flashing/ beeping device