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len( )
give the length of a list.
max( )
Gives the maximum value of a list.
abs( )
give the absolute value of a number.
pow(x, y[z,])
It gives x**y with two arguments, the optional third arg is equivalent to (x**y)%z.
Outputs the list of all builtin functions.
Shows the help file of the function 'func'.
del gases[0]
Delete the first element of the list gases.
The method append will append 'Ne' as the last element of the list gases.
What are methods in Python?
A method is a subroutine(or procedure) associated with a class.
file.method, a method is a function that 'belongs' to and operates on a specific chunk of data
Shows how many times the entry 'He' is on the list gases.
gives the index of the entry in the list gases.
It will print the variable x and add one line.b
What are the rules for legal names in Python?
1. Names must start with a letter or _.
2. Names must contain only letters, digits, and _.
What is the name convention in Python
It is the pothole. My_Variable_long.
What is the keyword to define a function in Python?
It is 'def'. Example:
def my.function(x, y, z)
print(x, y, z)
What is comment keyword?
it is #
What the keyword 'return' means?
a keyword indicating the result of a function. Return statement is: return expression. Used in function definitions.
What is a parameter?
It is a variable that appears between the parentheses of a function definition. Parameters get their values to expressions in a function call.
What is a string literal?
It is a sequence of characters.
How to import all the functions of a module in python 2.x ?
from math import * # use * to import
How to prefix the module being imported with a short name ?
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
How to import the pi number?
from math import pi
How to generate n equally spaced coordinates from a start point to a stop ?
linspace(start, stop, n) # from numpy import linspace
How many elements is the output of: print(list[0:3])?
The first three elements, but not the fourth(index 3), is not included.
What the _ means when making operations ?
it's a variable with the last value returned in the prompt
What is the format of a dictionary in py ?
var = { key1 : name1, key2 : name2}
How assignments can be done on more than one variable "simultaneously" ?
a, b = 3, 4 #on the same line.

Which method remove white space in right end of a string ?


Which method remove white space in left end of a string ?


How to have basic functions for plotting, like

plt.plot(),plt,hist(),plt.show() and the like ?

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

How to make a log scale to a graph ?


How to make a scatter plot ?