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What do plants need to grow?
Plants need.....soil, water, light, and air.
How do plants begin?
Plants begin as seeds
How do we know what a plant will look like?
A plant will look like the plant that its seeds came from
(parent plant)
Name a plant that grows "quickly"
A "flower" is an example of a plant that grows "quickly"
Name a plant that grows "slowly".
A "tree" grows slowly
What do living things need to grow and change?
How do plants change as they grow?
Describe what happens as plants grow.
(life cycle)
As plants grow......their seeds sprout, a stem grows, leaves grow, roots grow down, buds and flowers appear.
(Make new seeds and then die.)
What happens when a plant dies?
A new plant grows from its' seeds.
What is a cycle?
A pattern that happens again and again.