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Slow pulse feels like?
3 beats per respiration cycle or slowly for age according to chart.
Rapid pulse feels like?
More than 5 beats per respiration cycle or higher than normal per chart
Long pulse indicates?
Heat pattern
Full pulse feels like?
Feels full, rather hard and long. Forceful
Full pulse indicates what?

Full/rapid is Full/heat
Full/Slow is Full/cold
Empty pulse feels like?
Rather Big but soft. Underinflated tube, soft empty
Empty pulse indicates what?
Qi deficiency
Slippery pulse feels like?
Smooth, rounded, feeling like a pearl rolling
Slippery pulse indicates?
Phlegm, Dampness, retention of food or pregnancy

Full/Weak is phlegm or dampness w/QI deficiency
Choppy pulse feels like?
Rough under the finger. Changes rapidly in rate and quality. Like cutting bamboo
Long pulse feels like?
Longer than normal, extending beyond normal pulse position
Short pulse feels like?
Occupies a shorter space than the normal position
Fine or thin pulse feels like?
Thinner than normal
Wiry pulse feels like?
Taut like a guitar string...really hits the fingers
Hollow pulse indicates?
Appears after a haemorrhage, or may indicate a forthcoming loss of blood
Firm pulse feels like?
Can ONLY be felt at the deep level. Hard and wiry
Firm pulse indicates?
Interior Cold, if slow
Interior stagnation and pain
Weak pulse feels like?
Can only be felt on a deep level
Weak pulse indicates?
Deficiency of Yang
Knotted pulse feels like?
Slow and stops at irregular intervals
Hidden pulse feels like?
Faint, as if hidden beneath bone. VERY deep and difficult to feel
Hidden pulse indicates?
extreme deficiency of Yang
Hasty pulse feels like?
Rapid and stops at irregular intervals
Hasty pulse indicates?
Extreme Heat and deficiency of Heart-QI, or Heart/Fire
Knotted pulse indicates?
Cold and deficiency of Heart-QI or Heart-Yang
Intermittent pulse feels like?
Stops at regular intervals
Intermittent pulse indicates?
Serious internal problem of one or more Yin organs, or serious heart problem
Wiry pulse can indicate which 3 different conditions?
Liver disharmony
Floating or superficial pulse means what?
Presence of an exterior pattern from invasion by exterior pathogen.
Floating (or superficial pulse) feels like?
This pulse can be felt w/light pressure of the fingers, just resting the fingers on the artery.
Deep Pulse feels like?
Can only be felt w/heavy pressure of the fingers. Is felt near the bone
Deep pulse means what?
Indicates an Interior condition, in the YIN organs

Deep/weak is deficiency of QI and Yang
Deep/full is stasis of QI or blood
Hollow pulse feels like?
Present at the superficial level, but absent at the middle level, strong again at the deep level. Empty in middle
Rapid pulse indicates what?
Heat pattern

Empty/Rapid is Empty/Heat from YIN deficiency

Full/Rapid is Full/Heat.
Short pulse indicates?
Deficiency of QI...specifically Stomach-QI
Slow pulse indicates what?
A cold pattern.
Slow/Empty is Empty-Cold from deficiency of Yang.

Slow/Full is Full-Cold
Fine pulse indicates?
Deficiency of Blood/Yin.
Choppy pulse indicates?
Deficiency of Blood.