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Feels strong under slight pressure, but loses its strength when pressure is increased.
Floating Pulse
Cannot be felt clearly unless strong pressure is exerted to the level of the tendons & bones. It feels like a ball of cotton wool on sand, soft at the surface but strong & rigid below.
Sinking Pulse
Beats only 3 times per respiration
Slow Pulse
beats six times per respiration.
Rapid Pulse
Feels round & smooth & flows evenly - like a greasy round ball which slides under the fingers.
Slippery Pulse
Feels thin, minute, & short and has an uneven flow, beating three & five times with irregular rhythm. Like a knife scraping bamboo, rough & jagged.
Choppy Pulse
Feels floating & big with slow beats, but becomes obviously soft & deficient when slightly more pressure is applied.
Empty Pulse
Felt both superficially & deeply, & has big, long, wiry, strong beats.
Full Pulse
Neither big nor small, but feels long, soft, & calm, like the end of a bamboo shoot.
Long Pulse
Fails to fill both the cun & chi positions, fills the chi position but not the cun position or fills the cun position but no the chi.
Short Pulse
Rough & big with beats that rise strongly but fade out as they fall.
Flooding Pulse
Very thin & very soft
Minute Pulse
Rises and falls with strength & vibrates to the left & right.
Tight Pulse
Slightly faster than a slow pulse, with exactly 4 beats per respiration.
Leisurely Pulse
Feels floating, big & soft under slight pressure but w/o substance at the center under heavier pressure.
Hollow Pulse
Feels taut, long, & strong, whether under pressure or not, & passes straight under the fingers w/o vibrating to the left & right or giving any wavelike sensations. Like a bow string about to shoot an arrow & is firmly fixed.
Wiry Pulse
Feels wiry, almost rapid & without substance in its center.
Leather Pulse
Very deep, almost hidden, and not only strong & long but also wirey & impatient.
Firm Pulse
Feels floating, very thin, & without strength.
Soft Pulse
Felt to be very soft & thin under deep pressure, but cannot be felt at the superficial level.
Weak Pulse
Feels indistinct, big w/o strength when slight pressure is applied, but vanishes when pressure is increased.
Scattered Pulse
Feels like a fine thread, even though it is soft, weak, & w/o strength.
Thin Pulse
Cannot be felt until deep pressure is applied to the level of the bone, & even then the beats seem to come from beneath the tendons.
Hidden Pulse
Feels rapid, tight, slippery, & short with strong beats.
Moving Pulse
Feels rapid but loses a beat at irregular intervals. Like a person who stumbles whie walking briskly.
Hasty Pulse
Feels leisurely, but loses a beat at irregular intervals.
Knotted Pulse
Loses a beat & then pauses a little longer before starting again, at regular intervals.
Intermittent Pulse