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A quantity that is fully specified by measuring its size is called a:
How much work is being done by a person holding a 60 pound suitcase 18 inches above the floor?
The force like quantity in the equation for electrical work is:
Charge; if it has charge in or delta it's the force like quantity
One ampere equals:
one coulomb per second
When a substance (such as water) goes from a solid to a liquid state without a change in temperature, the heat added during the transformation is called:
Latent Heat
Rearrange the formula, Rt=L/kA, to solve for L
What is Sensible heat?
when heat is added to a substance and the temperature of the substance increases the heat is called this.
What is Latent heat?
When heat is added to a substance and the temperature DOES NOT change but the substance changes STATE, the heat thats added is called this.
Tension, compression, bending, and twisting are kinds of mechanical:
A resultant force has both magnitude and:
The measure of gravitational pull is:
The SI units of mechanical force are:
Newtons or kilogram weight
Torque is a measure of what kind of force?
Total pressure above zero pressure is:
Absolute pressure
In fluid systems, the quantity that has no units is:
Specific Heat
Sea level air pressure is:
14.7 lb/inches squared
Voltage difference is measured with a/am:
A term that pertains to DC voltage is:
Heat energy moves from:
Warmer regions to cooler regions
Fluid-flow rate units such as "kg per min" or "gm per sec" are units of:
Mass-Flow rate
what is net force?
determines which way it will move
what is Equilibrium?
if the system is at rest when the force are applied, it remains at rest.
what is scalar value?
gives only magnitude (how much)
what is vector?
gives both magnitude and direction
what is absolute pressure?
is the total pressure measured above a reference of zero pressure- a perfect vacuum
Think of temperture difference as what?
as Force
what is heat energy?
thermal systems are designed to move heat energy from warmer regions to cooler regions-usually to remove excessive heat
what is force?
push or pull
what is an Electron?
electrons are in a charge
what is charge?
needed for electrical systems to do work moves electricity