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what is peer review?
giving your colleagues your work to read over to see if it's accurate
What comes first in writing a reference?
Family surname, initials. (publication year in brackets) Book title. Edition- if not first. Place of publication: publisher.
If there is more than three authors what do you write?
et al.
Order of a journal?
Author(s) of article's. Family/surname, Initials (publication year in brackets) title of article. Title of journal. Volume number (part number/ month in brackets) p. followed by the page numbers on article
Newspaper online?
Author(s) of article's, FAMILY/SURNAME, Initials. (publication year in brackets) Title of article. Title of newspaper [online in square brackets] Database article is from if appropriate. Day and month of the article. Page number of the article if applicable. Available from: URL.
Author of website FAMILY/SURNAME, Initials or website name if no author is available. (Year- in brackets) Title of website. Any necessary or available if website is part of series. [online in square brackets] available from: URL. [date in square brackets]
What does the title need to be?
Italicised or underlined
Harvard has no specific style, the idea is to be consistent with your work.
Why does work need to be referenced?
To avoid plagiarism to indicate where ideas, theories, quotes, facts and any other evidence and information used to undertake research can be done.
Harvard is not specific, family/ surname of authors only capitalised in the reference list and not the body of the work.
What needs to be reference?
Anything that isn't your own idea's, your own work, or your own interpretations.