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Who are exceptional children?
Children who differ from the "norm"
How many kids have an exceptionality?
12 million
What is the largest percentage of exceptionalities?
Kids with learning disabilities
What is the fastest growing exceptionaliy?
List the different exceptionalities.
Intellectual disabilities (MR)
learning disabilities
emotional or behavioral disorders
speech or language impairments
hearing impairments
visual impairments
physical or health impairments
traumatic brain injury
multiple disabilities
giftedness and special talents
What must happen for students to be eligible for special education services?
They MUST be labeled as having an exceptionality.
What does the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) do?
It ensures that all kids have free, appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment.
What are the 6 principles of IDEA?
Zero reject
Nondiscriminatory identification and evaluation
Free appropriate public schools (FAPE)
Least restrictive environment (LRE)
Due process safeguards
Parent and student participation and shared decision making
Who funds special education? The federal government or the state?
The federal government
Special education is ___________ intervention.
Instructionally based
Describe the three types of intervention:
Preventative is trying to stop a problem before it becomes a disability.
Remedial attempts to eliminate specific effects of a disability.
Compensatory teachers the child a different way of doing something in spite of the disability.
List the LRE's from Least to Most restrictive.
Regular classroom
Resource room
Separate classroom
Separate school
Residential facility
What are the five steps of special education?
Annual Review
What are the 4 critical aspects of special education?
Importance of teaming and collaboration among professionals
Inclusive education
Who makes up the IEP team?
Parents of the child
At least one reg ed teacher
At least one special ed teacher
Representative of local education agency
Individual who can interpret instructional implications of evaluation results
People with experience working with the child
When appropriate, the child
What are the components of an IEP?
Child's present level
Annual goals
Description of child's progress
Projected date for beginning of services