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1. Erikson’s 2nd stage of development is called what?
Autonomy vs. Shame and doubt
2. Abraham Maslow described how many stages of development?
3. According to psychoanalytic theory human development is determined by?
Unconscious drives and motives
4. The combined total amount of stress and disease with which an individual must cope is?
Allostatic load
5. Using inductive thinking, a person might think, “if it barks like a dog, and wags its tail like a dog, it must be a ___?
6. Children who lack self-control are most likely to have parents who are?
7. According to Erikson, after the stage of intimacy versus isolation comes?
Generativity vs. ????
8. Chromosomal abnormalities occur when a zygote’s cells have?
More or fewer than the usual 46 chromosomes
9. The most common assisted reproductive ?
in vitro fertilization
10. Which of the following STI’s can increase the risk of uterine cancer?
HPV Human Papilloma Virus
11. A person’s (child’s) understanding of the thoughts of other people is called?
Theory of Mind
12. A gene is recessive when?
Its influence can be hidden by a more powerful gene
13. A sign of secure attachment is?
A child being willing to explore a new environment in the presence of the caregiver
14. The period when children’s bodies become adultlike is?
15. How do friends differ from family members?
Friends are chosen for qualities that make good companions
16. Our society recognizes a point called midlife which occurs at which age?
17. Which of the following is a stage of moral reasoning in Kohlberg’s theory?
18. Phenotype refers to?
The actual expression of genetic traits
19. What theories of late adulthood claim that social forces limit individual choice of direct life?
Stratification Theories
20. The number of births per woman that would be required to maintain a nation’s population with no increases or decreases is the?
Replacement Rate???? (pretty sure this is correct)
21. The values, assumptions, customs, clothing, technologies, and art that a group of people have developed over the years as a design for living are referred to as their?
22. A common characteristic of bullies is that they?
Lack empathy
23. During the sensorimotor stage, the main task is to?
Use senses and motor skills to understand the world.
24. The changes in appearance that occur in middle adulthood?
Are made worse by poor lifestyle choices, inevitable results of primary aging, and include changes in skin, hair and fat distribution.
25. 18-25 years is entering the?
Emerging Adulthood