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Infancy is the stage from when a _________ is born until approximately __________ of age.

Child; 1 year

Development in infancy is generally broken down into 5 categories:

Physical, Cognitive, Social, Emotional, and Spiritual.

Cognitive development in infants involves thinking, knowing, and __________________

Problem Solving

_________________ ____________ is when a child does not reach full developmental potential.

Developmental Delay

If a child appears to be withdrawn or unresponsive, it should be questioned whether or not the caretaker (mother) is going through a form of what?

post-partum depression

At what point can infants begin to recognize the emotions of others?

42 minutes after birth

Emotional Development is the emergence of a child's experience, ___________, understanding, and regulation of emotions from birth through late adolescence.


How soon do infants develop socially?

Infants begin to develop socially from the minute they are born.

_______________ was responsible for creating the list of spiritual development stages.

J.W. Fowler

Infants are in which stage of development?

Undifferentiated Faith

Two types of physical motor skills in child development are _______ motor skills and ______ motor skills.

Gross; Fine

Most baby fat is gone by age _____


Children are not able to see the points-of-view of others ________


The Information Processing Model considers children's brains to be like a _______


A ________ parenting style allows children to feel safe exploring their environment and in the signaling their interests and needs.


Play is an essential activity that contributes to increase social behavior. What type of play is it when several children are playing with the same materials, but each is playing separately?

Parallel Play

Social emotional learning is:

A. a process for learning life skills

B. cerebral activities that lead to knowledge

C. Encompasses reasoning

D. study of Playtime

Psychopathology is otherwise known as

A. anxiety

B. the scientific study of mental disorders

C. Internal Problems

D. External Problems

Only children raised in religious homes ask spiritual questions: True/False


___________ developmental involves the integration of one's beliefs, value, meaning and self-worth.


What age group do children have less focus on one's self and more concern for others?

9 to 11

From ages 9 to 11 children experience more _________

Peer Pressure

Social-Cognitive competence correlates positively with peer rejection i middle childhood.



What age group do children begin to identify and understand their own emotions?

6 to 8

Cognitive processes and abilities mature in response to genetics as well. True/False


Which stage of Piaget's Four Stages of Cognitive Development cover most of middle childhood?

Concrete Operational

Social skills are formed automatically. True/False


Early friendships serve as a critical bridge form parent - child relationships to future peer relationships. True/False


Which of these are some of the tasks that parents allow their children to do between the ages of 6 to 8?

A. Pick out their own clothes

B. Do more house hold chores

C. Drive the car

D. A & B

D. A & B

Children begin to understand God on a deeper level between the ages of 6 to 8? True/False


________ is a time of peer pressure, physical changes, psychology changes, social changes, and transitioning from childhood to adulthood?


During adolescence, boys are more likely to have fewer friends, but have more intimate relationships? True/False


Youth may pursue other ________ to find spiritual answers.


_________ is critical in adolescent development?


Adolescents may go through a stage of _______ authority figures.


Boy's voice change, develop body odors, acne, and facial hair during puberty. True/False


______ of teens experience one psychic or witchcraft activity.


Youth who pray and read the Bible at home are less likely to retain their beliefs into adulthood. True/False


_______ of youth pursues form form of religions experience a week.


_________ are stereotypical friendships. (ex: preppies, Druggies, Athletes, Nerds)


What is considered to be the age range for young adults?

18 to 25

The body has fully developed physically, but the thinking process is carried in less complex ways. True/False


The rate of violence-related deaths is higher for young adults. True/False


Violent deaths for young adults include all of the following except:

A. homicide

B. suicide

C. plane crashes

D. motor-vehicle deaths

C. plane crashes

Name two different approaches young adults take when forming relationships.

1. constructive criticisms

2. golden rule

Name two benefits to individualistic culture.

1. personal freedom

2. equal opportunity

"Do unto others as you would have them do to you." is known as the

Golden Rule

Cognitive changes during young adulthood are supported by further development of the

cerebral cortex

Young adult's physical and sensory abilities are usually excellent. True/False


Men live longer than women. True/False


__________ tends to decrease with age until late adulthood.

Negative Affect

The emotional state of most middle adults relies heavily on _______ experiences.

Childhood or adolescence

Women tend to increase more rapidly in spirituality than men. True/False


Which type of intelligence decreases with age?


What causes a decline in the functions of the basal ganglia?

Hypertension or pathological aging

Cognitive processing speeds up int eh middle adulthood stage of life. True/False


What is the accumulation of fat int eh stomach area generally in middle-aged adults?

"Middle-Age Bulge"

The quality of sexual activity usually diminishes over time. True/False


Everyone experiences a "mid-life crisis." True/False


Around what age do most people go through or experience a "mid-life crisis?"

Beginning of 40s

Late adulthood is generally considered to begin at about age _____


There is also _________ sensitivity in all of the sensory modalities, including olfaction, taste, touch, hearing, and vision.


________: emotionally, they feel good about themselves.


________: emotionally, there is a feeling of emptiness and/or helplessness because of the choices you've made, and the situation you are now.


Religion involves participating in the social, educational, and charitable activities of a congregation as well as worshiping. True/False


There is a positive relationship between religion and physical health. True/False


__________ theory is the idea that social interaction declines because of mutual withdrawal between elders and society in anticipation of death.


Marital satisfaction ______ from middle to late adulthood?


What is the leading cause of dementia in the United States?

Alzheimer's Disease

Cognitive psychology is the scientific study of mind and mental function, including learning, memory, attention, perception, reasoning, language, conceptual development, and decision making. True/False


Which is among the top three causes of death in the United States?

Heart Disease

Which is the only major cause of death that is not influenced by cigarette smoking?


A healthcare advance directive that specifies the patient's wishes during end-of-life care is commonly called:

A living will

Which is currently responsible for the most death among active-duty US military personnel?


Place the 5 stages of Grief in order.










Which of the Kubler-Ross's 5 main stages did she believe usually lasted the longest?


Individuals with strong religious beliefs usually suffer from more death anxiety than atheists. True/False


Which is NOT one of the Kubler-Ross's stages of grief?

A. apathy

B. depression

C. bargaining

D. denial


Religion is the primary cultural avenue through which human beings have come to terms with death. True/False


Some religions, such as ___________ and _________, believe that the soul survives death and returns in a new body.